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  1. why wont anyone reply? Keratin is a serious reason for acne. and this shit fucking works
  2. Anyone ever used Suave Men 3-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Bodywash Convenient all-over hair and body care With keratin amino acids and glycerin For normal hair & skin I feel like its helping my face, I also was using calamine Lotion on my face for awhile but Stopped because it felt it was poisoning me if that makes sense. The calamine lotion Cleared my Blackheads. Anyone use Keratin Shampoo? and can give me scientific evidence? Maybe it breaks down the dead keratin better than those shitt
  3. well benzoyl has never helped me, and calamine Zinc oxide worked for a little, i have a serious picking problem so i need to stop that.....////,,,,,
  4. im using vaseline on my face right now, just a little bit. i hate a big inflammed cyst and i get folliculitis type whiteheads. has anyone every tried White petroluem, its found in almost every lotion along with glycerin. i break out when i use vaseline face lotion. but this has been fine so far, i put it on a inflammed cyst on my cheek and its going down. id been putting olive oil on my face and that actually helped, the only problem is it seemed to infect open sores. "There is a common misco
  5. i just started using some white petroluem, i was thinking about making a post asking if ppl have used this. because so far it seems kinda good. its been 3 days
  6. so i just started doing this, before i even noticed this thread. i guess it was going good ya know. no washing my face, no touching. but last night i put Hydrogen Peroxide on my face and that made it so much worse. i dont know what to do. keep my ph balanced.