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  1. ok so i guess i will try sleeping tonight wit no moisturize and see how that goes, but how long does the break out usually last? cuz my acne was moderate low severe, now its like getting worst.... i dont wanna loook all severe out at college.....perhaps i should get manuka honey? ←
  2. hey vrg I wouldnt worry about the acne coming back very much. I should have probably gone another month or 2, and my back is still not getting any really.. Just red marks left. And I totally know what you mean by the dirty hair thing.. Accutane should be safer and have less side effects so we can be on it indefinitely
  3. Sounds like you could use some vaseline or aquaphor in your nose.. I always jammed it up there with my finger, but people say to use a q-tip.. I also used Ayr saline nasal mist, which worked quite well for me, I used it every hour or so if i really got sick of having a dry nose. Don't worry about any zits your getting now, soon you won't even remember what it was like having painful zits! Good luck on the rest of your treatment!
  4. July 17, 2005 Well its almost been a month off of Accutane. Skin is still doing good, except my oil is coming back I havent needed chapstick for a long time. I have like 2 blemishes on my face right now, and of course red marks are still pretty visible on my back. I miss having skin that wasnt oily at all I have some differin gel the doc gave me to help dry up my face.. But I am scared it is just going to make my skin dry, but it will still be oily, and red. Anyone ever have differin
  5. Well it's June 20th, I stopped taking Accutane yesterday I think.. I have about 10 days of it left, but im tired of taking it, and my mood is so crappy I stopped early. My doc said it was okay about half a month ago if I don't want to take any more. As for breakouts: (Crossing fingers) I dont want to jynx myself. Back still has redmarks, but hardly gets any breakouts anymore.. I hope it continues to get better. Forehead isnt really breaking out anymore.. I hope it continues to get better to
  6. december: Don't worry about them cysts, im still getting a few bigger ones too.. I am now into my 7th and final month Im Just being patient and not letting it bug me too bad
  7. Correct me if I am wrong (please ) but if you are in the US I believe only derms can prescribe it now.
  8. Here is a little update.. The derm said she thinks this will be my last month, lets see what happens. I picked up my supply, and I'm now on my dad's crappy insurance now. Brand name Accutane costed us almost $200, when it used to cost us $20. So now my parents say that this HAS to be my final month.. So hopefully the derm is ok with that.
  9. I have been lifting pretty good lately, and I just bought a product called muscle milk, it contains a slow absorbing protein. My question is, is it safe to take while on accutane? The label says it has 33% vitamin a with water, and 52% with 2 cups of milk, is this too much to be taking? How much vitamin A is too much while on accutane?
  10. 5 months done a while ago.. I'm now well into my sixth month. April 18th was 5 months. Went to the derm yesterday, she said that I should be on my final month now. I have a weird raized scar on my back she might inject with some cortisone next time I see her. I can't believe I've almost been on Accutane for half a year! My current acne situation is as follows: Forehead gets a couple new ones once in a while. Back has a lot of redmarks all over my shoulders, still getting a couple every now
  11. Hey! Glad to hear you are doing so good! You are very lucky! Keep me updated
  12. Paul: I read that you had stopped.. Sorry to hear that man. I hope you are feeling better now, glad to hear your skin is doing better. As for me, it is now March 30th, 2005. I WAS able to get another month of Accutane out of my Mom's insurance provider. Now on April 1st I will be on my Dad's insurance, hopefully I will be able to keep going on Accutane as long as it takes, but who knows how much it will cost. My derm said she definitely wanted another month (That being the month that I