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  1. Hmph! I already know I'm beautiful! Eminem said so on his latest album, so there!
  2. Smoking is a good thing. It boosts the economy.
  3. Ah, more evidence that women just can't help but swoon over assholes.
  4. hey guys dont listen to this guy hes an effing trolll Well, to be completely honest, I'd rather be a "troll" then be borderline retarded. Actually, in this case, borderline retarded is an overstatement.
  5. lol damn why are you on an acne support site if ur gonna bash on others? I'm a good example of what hate does to a person.
  6. LYSA UPLOAD A PIC OF YOURSELF I WANNA SEE HOW YOU LOOK LIKE ? because your pic is effing annoying Wow, you know, I'm not being facetious when I say that more often than not, girls love going for guys like you. Sad but true.
  7. Hey, my name is Bub. Everytime a new cyst comes up to me and says "hi," I just can't contain myself. I can't help bumpin' n' grindin' and shaking it like a salt shaker.
  8. Those are some mighty curse words you got there. Eight to nine letters long?! I want to know what they are!
  9. LOL! To the Op: I posted a similar thread a couple of weeks ago and got shit on, just like you're being shit on now. So, do yourself a favor and save your breath and let everyone on this board suffer their tortured lives. In fact, if you sit back and observe, their misery is actually quite entertaining!
  10. Actually, a more appropriate response to this would be "sort of." Acne can send people in a whirlwind of despair, and thus acne empowers those who are already happy with even more happiness by redistributing it from us to them.
  11. Well good thing it wasn't a suicide note because if it was, the moderators would be forced to express how much they care about you by shutting down your thread after posting their deeply thought out, empathetic, computer-generated suicide response. Love you mods!
  12. Uhhh, you're as attractive or even more attractive than a lot of clear-skinned girls I see every day. Yah, guys give you second looks...trust me.