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  1. Hey, has anybody tried this acnenomore? Does it work? I can't seem to find any real feedback from it's users. I only see it on advertising sites. I want to hear from real people who've really used it.
  2. I think I have an allergy to hot water. Everytime I take one, I itch. And then I get nodules. So I take more hot waters and the nodules don't seem to do anything. When I take pure cold showers, the nodules pop and get smaller. Do you think it's possible that I have an allergy to hot water that's causing my acne? I changed my diet almost two weeks ago now. I haven't eaten greasy food, but I kept taking hot showers. Now I've gone back to cold showers again and oh my gosh, what a relief! Yup
  3. good question. i thought this one too. i feel like if a person is asleep most of the time and unaware of his or her acne, the acne will somehow go away by itself because finally the person is not worrying about it. sometimes i'm thinking it's the too much anxiety about having pimples that cause more break outs. so i think the person will clear his acne if he is asleep most of the time. all the time like being in a coma will definitely clear one's skin. plus he doesn't eat anything. he doesn't g
  4. hey you kinda look like that actor in the Philippines. hehe...is he you? he is also 20 yrs old just like you... ikaw ba yan?
  5. I don't know if this related much to the topic, but I think I'm finally clearing my skin. Basically all I eat now are fish, steamed rice and vegetables. I don't eat sweet stuff like fruits. I also quit coffee. It's been almost a week now without meat from chickens, cows and pigs. And my skin is much better. So I can say that diet is a factor for me. I have become a pescatarian now. Fish are good for you.
  6. don't even trust dermatologists. they don't know anything at all. they will give you drugs that will only get rid of the sysptoms, but not the internal problem. cold showers dry up the acne you have, however it doesn't prevent acne. it's the food you eat that will prevent acne. cold showers will only shrink your acne. if you continue taking it, it will get rid of it like a medication. however it doesn't prevent it. the prevention method is the most difficult to find. so i believe it's the foo
  7. i saluet you chey. i wish you were my parents right now. currently i'm on a pescatarian diet and my parents think i'm crazy. but you however for sure will have healthy children. i salute you.
  8. don't eat meat at all. try a vegetarian diet. eat beans more to replace the proteins the meat have. eat more fish. sardines, tilapia... colder showers. you will feel much better.
  9. i'm sorry but that's just pessimistic thinking. i think you my friend are so worried about how you look that you can't accept what you have. i know that acne is terrible. i feel that too. in fact i always worry about my scars and acne everyday. however, i think you are going a little overboard with the thought that you won't have children because you have acne. in a way that's kind of selfishness. try to change your diet more. don't eat red meat for a while. don't eat any meat at all. try it f
  10. that's not scars. i have cheek scars which are far more noticeable. but i'm trying to live with them. but no those are not scars. they're just red marks and probably lines from aging. relax my friend.
  11. if your acne is hormonal, stop eating meat. particularly red meat. it's full of hormones. the more you eat it, even if it's home cooked and healthy, the worse you'll get acne. period.
  12. Good point. However, just because you have acne doesn't mean your children will. I believe that acne is caused largely by poor diet. So this means that even if you have the genetic disposition to have acne when you grow up, you can still make a difference by changing your diet. We humans are meant to die. We are not immortals. Just be glad that you have acne, a non-detrimental disease, rather than a disease like cancer. Perhaps, that's how you're meant to grow. We suffer because we learn from
  13. I think it's true that meat causes acne, particularly red meat. Meat that comes from chicken, pigs and cows. Bsically I haven't eaten meat in two days and my skin is feeling much better. I've also been drinking water. I quit coffee because of the sugar I use and after a while, I feel good and I don't have a craving for sugar. I rarely eat junk food. I also avoid fruits that are sweet like apples or oranges. Whenever I see green leafy vegatables in my fridge, I always eat them. And for protein
  14. it's now summer again. since i quit taking cold showers, I broke out. i have gained some scars now. but since it's summer again, i am going back to cold showers again. i'm probably gonna continue taking cold showers for the rest of my life. i haven't been back here for almost a year now. i still have acne but that's because i've taking regular hot showers lately. i think hot shower really does cause acne. maybe we need to take cooler showers instead of hot or warm.