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  1. Hey guys My face is completely clear now but I still have mild acne on my back and chest, in the form of lots of tiny pimples. It's better than before, but should I expect these to go away, or will they just stay like this? PS I'm 4 days until my course is completely over. Accutane failed to clear my chest/back?
  2. I'm ten days into month five and I still have a huge cyst on my forehead, pimples on my forehead, acne on my right temple, and chest and back acne. I have like 2 or 3 tiny pimples on my cheeks (as opposed to before when I had at least 30 pimples on each cheek). My face has shown considerable improvement, but shouldn't I be fully clear by now? Is this the most accutane will do for me, or do I still have more progress to see? I've noticed the effectiveness start to decrease... I've been doi
  3. month 1 - 40 mg month 2 - 40 mg month 3 - 60 mg month 4 - 60 mg So.. my cheeks kinda cleared up, there are still a few small pimples but they're barely visible. My forehead is clear with like 3 or 4 tiny pimples. My temples have been having a bad breakout and I've been trying to control them with BP, to no avail. My body acne doesn't really seem to have cleared up much. An issue I'm having is acne under my right jawline.. it feels like there are tiny, hard lumps under my skin (these are n
  4. a lot of the acne has gone, but my face is like spotted in like red marks /etc im in my third month whats a good method for making this go away?
  5. Okay, but nobody in my family even has beards. And I don't mean in the chin area, I mean in the area where my jaw bone is like... under my ears but below the jaw bone on my neck. I'm not sure how to describe it. Are you sure it is folliculitis? I've read that accutane is a treatment for that. Anyways, that bump on my neck is clearing up. Have there been frequent cases of folliculitis from accutane? Nobody in my family even grows facial hair in that region. Anyways, I'm still waiting for result
  6. I had moderate - severe acne before, no cysts but just tons of TINY pimples. 1st month - 40 mg 2nd month - 40 mg I'm starting 3rd month @ 60 mg It started working, I would say. Problem is today I noticed big bumps forming around my neck region, under my jaw, and just randomly today one smack on the right side of my neck. My question is... has accutane ever caused more acne than it began with? I'm getting worried because while my face is clearing up, I feel like my acne is just being relocat
  7. Day 52 My face seems to have improved (not a lot, but improved) My skin is VERY VERY dry My lips are VERY VERY dry My body acne has not improved at all.. it may have even gotten worse I scar very easily and cut very easily I think my face was best after 30 days, now that I'm on the 52nd it's gotten worse but overall has improved a small amount I've also been using BP at nights (10%) so.. that may be the reason for my improvement and not the accutane itself.. which would also explain the
  8. no, it did not change. and let me rephrase.. its not a LOT more oily but it IS more oily and it is noticable. perhaps theres a different reason for that beyond accutane?
  9. I'm 2.5 months in, and my oily skin had went away.. but now it's back.. a lot. Like, my nose and upper lips area are really oily now. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it supposed to happen?
  10. I was wondering what the best item to use to wash your face is and if there are other things to use that are effective... Thanks
  11. Day 35 -- Small pimples are mostly gone, but there are like 20 large pimples on my face. This is terrible.
  12. Actually getting worse now.. little disappointing. Two days into my second month.
  13. 30th day -- decent improvement. Skin is dry a lot, but it may be because I use BP. Regardless... there is a solid improvement I have noticed, although I still have acne.
  14. Yeah so I use 10% BP with Accutane, and it seems to help. My skin on my face isn't being irritated so it should be okay right? If my skin ever becomes drying excessively I plan to stop.
  15. Day 24 - No difference. This is making me sad. My skin looks the same as when I began.