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  1. Okay well I'd really appreciate it if you were clear. There are soo many types of chemical peels out there it seems like some of them just wont give good results k thats nice. thank you for your addition to chemical peels lol. but thank you! Vee Eye Peel recommend that you do not I believe. But some doctors will do it if you request. I think its a good question for your specific derm. I am hoping to get an appointment with a doctor in the next city from me to get a skin analysis.
  2. moderate... you dont have bad skin at all. you shouldnt have a problem clearing that up
  3. Well i guess I will start putting together a little information myself. I was bent on getting a PCA peel, just found out about a VI peel tonight and its definetly exciting. Links to good information ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIcq26xEc4Y ttp://www.la-story.com/treatments/secrets_of_the_red_carpet_vipeel_can_change_the_lo/ Quote from above link "Want to know what I think? I went through 2 peels with Dr. Kalil — that were terrific. The first one was good, but my skin is very sensitive so it
  4. I have to say I want this post to be centered around Derm professional peels. God bless those brave diy'rs but thats not for me! My top peel interest is VI Peel ttp://www.kalilmedical.com/default.asp PCA Peel ttp://www.pcaskin.com/subcat.aspx?cid=2
  5. I just don't understand why more people don't get chemical peels more often. I don't understand why there is not a sticky post or a acne.org page designated to helping explain the best types of chemical peels. I am getting desperate. I had acne back in high school in a h.s. where almost everyone in my class was clear. I had very severe acne and finally by my senior year I cleared up, but left with some bad scarring. My face has been quite clear for 4 years now and then bam, i get sick, a huge