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  1. I'm such a Huge fan for masks. They really help. You shouldn't put the mask under your eyes! It might make you age faster.
  2. That Colonix says I don't need to fast or do all those extra things if I'm taking their system. That's why I'm getting it. I've had bad fatigue and body aches for a year now. I quit going to the gym because of it. I'm 25 and eat healthy though. I can't wait to get this!
  3. I'm curious. Do they leave through your urinary tract or only the digestive tract?... LOL I know but I'm being serious here.
  4. It's a good thing they are dead when they leave you. I'm going to order the Colonix kit because I've been feeling fatigued and have had some bad allergies the past year.
  5. I'm guessing I should give it a try. When I go to the bathroom while being on this stuff... I don't think I'll look in the toilet. Otherwise I'd be spazzing out for days. Lol!
  6. I'm not sure if I should get them because I'm worried that if I see "them" I'll lose it and get super freaked out. Did any of you use these products and end up finding parasites?
  7. I'm new to this and just started researching today. Those products are so expensive!
  8. I usually never eat meat. Maybe a few times a year but it's always fully cooked. I'm not a big fan on it. Anyway taking those cleansing pills and stuff they sell on the internet would freak me out if I actually saw those things go out. Reminds me of a creepy sci-fi movie. Bleck I wished I never knew about them.
  9. Omg I'm so freaked out now. A 6 foot worm could be inside me right now? I heard if you buy this InnerPurity you'll digest it... but digesting a something like that would freak me out to death.
  10. I started researching about parasite cleansing because I never heard about it. Someone is selling something called InnerPurity to rid of parasites and worms in the body. I read the testimonials and they are scary! They are all saying they digested these parasites and worms... it really freaked me out. Especially since they said most people have parasites. Is this true? Do we have parasites and worms in our bodies? Omg
  11. Before reading this thread I was researching detox for the body. Read about taking hot steamy baths with baking soda and epsom salt... Could you give a description of what you have listed??
  12. I scrub my nose with a washcloth... then apply neosporin a few times during the day. Then I avoid washing the irritated parts so they can heal. It works.
  13. I've been doing the glycolic peels for over a month and I've seen a remarkable difference compared to a month ago! These do work over time. My marks are VERY light now and I think many of them are unnoticeable.
  14. Yea the alcohol can dry your skin but the aloe replaces the moisture loss. I wash my face first and then I rub it on. It leaves my skin feeling really nice. It only cost 3 bucks for a bottle. I bought 2 more today.