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  1. Are you kidding me? I read your log, and it is fantastic. I'm flattered that you enjoy my writing, and I'll keep writing as long as you guys keep reading.
  2. Emeny, GREAT log- I love your writing style! I'll be keeping up with it for sure.
  3. What's up purdy lady!

  4. Hey Jamie, I've been following your log with interest, as we are the same age and seem to have similar skin issues & reasons for going on Accutane. Regarding the hair loss, I wouldn't stress about it too much; since everyone's hair goes through phases of growth, dormancy and shedding. Every few months I have a week or two where I acquire some pretty fancy 'hair gloves' in the shower after washing and conditioning. The hair loss you're seeing could very well be attributed to your hair'
  5. Yvette, You are looking great! I saw your progress pics in your gallery, and your skin is looking beautiful! I'm so, so happy for you!!!! Congratulations!
  6. Well hello there everyone! It's been quite some time, I've missed you all terribly. Since last time I posted, I got a promotion, moved into a new apartment, had a birthday, re-established myself as the most badass MFer to ever exist, and... have experienced significant clearing of my skin. I'm definitely not 100% clear yet, as these things are pretty deep under my skin, and I'm pretty sure my derm is going to have to keep me on the treatment for the full 6 months (last time I was the
  7. Hey there Soccermomsrock, Not trying to hijack Sakul's thread, but I wanted to reply to your post. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV But, my nephew has Tourette Syndrome and also displays OCD and ADHD-like characteristics (most likely due to the TS). TS, OCD, ADHD and several other syndromes/disorders not only carry many of the same symptoms, but also originate from the same area(s) of the brain. TS and OCD aren't 'classic psychological' disorders, as they have a very strong n
  8. Aaaaaand I'm back! Hello children, it's been quite awhile... my apologies, I know that the shadow my absence left you with has left your lives feeling somehow emptier and lacking as much meaning. But don't worry, I'm here now. It will all be ok. Anyway, today marks exactly 2 weeks since I've been at 80 mg. So far, so good as far as skin and side effects go; i.e. nothing really out of the ordinary. Sometimes I feel pain in my back, but it's not unbearable and it's nothing any worse than
  9. *phew* I'm glad someone out there is reading this thing. I started to feel like 'that guy'... you know, the one who tells jokes at parties and tries to be the coolest but nobody ever pays attention to him and secretly thinks he's a tool? hehe Anyway, I was started on 40mgs for the first month. I think this dermatologist tends to err on the side of maximum doseage to ensure the best results in the end; as many people tend towards acne recurrences and such if their dose was too short and/or to
  10. Hey Unimpressive, Yes- those blackheads will go away. I noticed that I had them everywhere too, right around the same time of my treatment as you are now in and noticing yours. I don't know exactly when they went away, or how they ended up doing so; but they're gone and things are looking good! Do keep in mind that even when they disappear now, they may come back later in treatment before really disappearing for good. The skin does weird things on accutane and the shedding/turnover cycl
  11. Starting month 2.... I had my 1-month follow-up today with my dermatologist's office (like so many others, this is a clinic of associates, so I don't always get to see the same one each time), and so far so good. The 2 derms I've seen regarding the accutane kind of suck at life due to a lack of overall personality and people skills, so that definitely makes me miss the PA I was seeing there prior to being switched to this treatment; but such is life. She was glad to hear that my side effects
  12. I was perusing the logs and saw that there's a fellow DC-Metro Area dweller in the midst, so I wanted to give a nod. Good luck with your course, and keep up with the awesome job of documenting everything as you've been doing. I'll be checking in!
  13. Day 27-ish-ness, I think... My skin has not looked this good in years. I just cannot believe it. For the first time in a very, very long time; I found myself walking through the halls at work with my head up and shoulders back... looking people in the eye... and smiling, even! My chest and back are clear and the texture of my skin is really just beautiful. The nasty breakout I had on my shoulder is cleared up and even the scarring from previous cysts/abscesses is starting to dissipate.
  14. IHA2008: Take a look at my log, I've listed all the stuff I've found really useful (and why) since starting my course of accutane a few weeks ago. I would copy and paste but my boss is lurking dangerously near and I have to post super fast in supersecretstealthmode.
  15. Does anyone else have really vivid, weird-ass dreams as a side effect from accutane? I do. Not that I'm complaning, I actually find them pretty amusing... it's just odd.