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  1. Have you considered adding BP into your routine? And if you want a great moisturizer you can always check out the one that's part of Dan's Regime. How often are you exfoliating? I'm a bit worried that if it's everyday you might be over-irritating your skin.
  2. I've done 10days a month, but it was every 3rd day, not the first 10 days. Interesting. Did you ask her why she opted for that weird schedule?
  3. I haven't been able to abstain for more than like 3 days in probably 5-6 years. Most of the time even 1 day is tough. Myth or not, this is a near impossible task.
  4. Don't have any pimples. Have a date today. So I had to shave. So now my marks are 100x more bright and red then before. My skin is really dry and hurts. FFS.
  5. I always breakout badly after a heavy night on the hookah (probably the equivalent of smoking a pack or 2 in one night).
  6. Dan's regime: How long were you on it? Vitamin B5: As far as I know this is something you're supposed to do for like 6months, and at a higher dosage than just 6/day (assuming it's 500mg pills). I believe the dosage is supposed to be 10g/day. Drink more water. Change your pillow slips often (I change mine every 2 days. 1 day/side). Maybe cut out dairy. Niacin is fun times. Try taking vitamin D. 4000+IU a day. Your mileage may vary, but i suggest these since you seem to be more fond of non-presc
  7. Well you CAN, but not from Canada :P I have before, but I'm sure not going to talk about that.
  8. Ahh yes, those are some of the worst kinds (not as bad as cysts though obviously). In terms of preventative treatment: There is lots you can do, but you'll have to experiment around to find out what works for you. It might be topical stuff (ie-dan's regime), it might just be diet changes, it might be vitamin supplements, it might be antibiotics, it might be other prescription medicine. We honestly can't tell you what will work for you though-you have to just experiment around and find out for yo
  9. There is no such thing as ordering generic accutane from Canada without perscription. Seriously. We have strict drug laws here just like the USA so accutane is a regulated drug here too. Anything you order from a so-called "generic Canadian pharmacy" is going to be fake. This is especially true if the drug requires a prescription.
  10. It's tough going out after having bad acne and trying to redevelope confidence and social skills. In fact, I still struggle with it. I'll probably get hated on for this, but I sunk myself into the world of pickup art. Nothing is more empowering than seeing yourself go from someone who can't even stutter out a word to a guy who is talking and having fun with a bunch of strangers in a club, a bar, or really anywhere.
  11. I use AHA a lot and I don't think this is completely out of the ordinary. AHA always tends to irritate my pimples a little bit, but that irritation goes away pretty quickly. It still helps it go away a bit faster though for me. Have you tried spot treating with it before? Did you have the same experience?
  12. I'm going to play the bad guy and say: You have a lot of growing up to do, so it's not surprising that they treat you like you're twelve. You say you're an adult, but you don't take care of yourself like one, and you don't treat others like a mature person either. You have unrealistic expectations of what your family should be doing for you, and it seems that even when they try to help you-you twist it back around on them. If you want to be independent, then you need to completely independent. B
  13. The constant up and downs of acne is one of the worst parts of having it in my opinion. You have it get better for a while and then you get your hopes up only to have them shot down again by a breakout. The thought of "Well, I just need to wait a little more and I'll be clear again...and then I can do X, Y, and Z" is awful too. I can sit here and tell you that you just need to seize life and forget about your acne, but I never even got the hang of that after the years and years of my acne. In
  14. I'm on a third. If you didn't have horrible side effects the first time around, then it's probably safe for another round. Accutane is sometimes only a temporary solution (sadly). From my experience: if topical treatment, antibiotics, etc didn't work before, they aren't going to do any better now. Some other people have had different experiences though.
  15. Accutane is not a permanent cure for everyone. Many people need a second or even third (or fourth) course to stay clear. So the answer is: If accutane is the only thing that works, then you need it again (if you want to get clear).
  16. Contains: 1.pyridoxine: AKA Vitamin B6 2. Vitamin C 3. White grape polyphenols: Antioxidants 3. Magnesio: I have no idea what this is. Magnesium? So from the looks of it, it's just a glorified multivitamin. I wouldn't bother.
  17. Could very well be (but it could always just be coincidence). Moisturizing too much can clog up your pores. What are you using?
  18. Are you using any products right now? They might be doing that to you. Posting a picture will help us help you a bit better. The regime will probably make redness worse in the short term, but in the long run it'll probably get rid of your acne.
  19. 1. What kind: Mild. Lower level of moderate at worst. 2. Scarring: Temporary scarring: Yes. Long term scarring: Not from the looks of it. 3. There is some debate on this. Some say it helps, some say it makes acne worse. For more information look at the top of the page under "acne info". It will give you some more information if you need it.
  20. It might be a good idea to head back and ask. My side effects never lasted that long. They lasted, at most, about a month or two.
  21. I'm sorry, but I don't see anything.
  22. I'm in public health, so I've had to study it. Wikipedia has a decent summary of it, and searching on google with throw you a few more explanations (some though are poor). There are also studies which support the hypothesis. A simple summary of it: Our clean lifestyle limits our interactions with micro-organisms while our immune system is developing (during childhood). Due to the lack of exposure to pathogens (bacteria, viruses, etc) our immune system develops poorly and doesn't react well wh
  23. The hygiene hypothesis only applies to infants during the development of their immune system. So maybe contracting hookworm as a kid will help you later on in life, but contracting it as a teenager or an adult will not. Even if the hygiene hypothesis was correct, the effect on acne would most likely be minimal. Also getting infected is just a bad idea in general. It'll be very uncomfortable, and if it progresses can cause a few other nasty side effects (anaemia for example).