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  1. my face was really red but i didnt do anything for it.. probably cwoulds been a good idea.. its over now though so i dont care
  2. in the history of my acne i've only had maybe 5 zits ever on my forehead wich over 3 or 4 yeasr isnt much. its usually always clear. i only get them when i play summber football and have a sweating helmut on my forehead.
  3. i looked like that 3 months ago.. i used accuatne and if got alot worse, and i wanted to quit but its finally starting to look better.
  4. k, dont punch someone with clear skin, cause it not thier fault just like its not ur fault u have ance, i would don't worry about the acne and just be confident and cool. go to a derm if u want
  5. yeah that def makes sense, i'm gunna call him next week
  6. if it doesnt matter in 10 years, it doesnt matter now.. btw i love coffe too
  7. hahah. when taking pics of myself on my computer i would always turn my moniter off cause the light showed how bad my face was hahahaha
  8. stronger? maybe. better with girls forsure.. it's made me realize you can get it done with acne, looks arent as important as alot of people think.. i would say it's changed my character for the better without a doubt. things rattle me alot less.
  9. my course was only 12 weeks, wich is 3 month and i'm still having some new pimples forming and i finish in 5 days. i had a doc appointment a couple days ago and when he said that i was done i couldn't believe it, everything i've read said the course is usually 4 to 6 months somtimes longer. i'm 6'4 195 and my dose was 80 mg. should i call him and get another appointment to attempt to ask for another month? i feel like hes jumping the gun. i would hate to have gone through this and not get clear.