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  1. REPLY to: WISH CLEAN 28 For facial hair: REM Spring Sprong and/or threading. Reasoning: Threading only removes hair from the root, and unlike waxing, does not cause mircrotrauma to the surface of the skin, the results are less irritation/acne post hair removal. It does hurt, feels like an indian burn, but the pain is from the hair follicule and not from the skin. Results last much longer than depillitory creams. Hair grows back finer, lighter For Body Hair: Buy a good epillator. Braun Si
  2. WOW! I had taken a break from acne.org for a while to persue other online project, travel around europe, graduate university, and get my first real professional career. I am so suprised and pleases that so many women responded to this post! It took a long while to gather replies, and I am very happy to see that beginning an open forum on PCOS issues seems to have helped some people. A couple of years post accutane, I am more than convinced PCOS is the true root cause of my acne. All i hav
  3. 2 YEARS Post ACCUTANE Update: Skin Appearance, mostly clear, Light tone, easily burns on face, tans on body. Oily forehead, dry cheeks, "younger" than most my age. No whiteheads on face Casualtie Count: some hyperpigmentation, 2-3 acne "ice-pick" scars, freckles/agespots, some broken capillaries under eye, and on nose, the occasional hormone-induced PMS cyst on neck, or near lip, occasional esczema rash/dermatitis to a few specific chemicals I am allergic to, sun damage from my love for
  4. @ STAR: Hello and welcome! Your writing struck a cord within me! I wonder if a lot of women have similar experiences, and if PCOS underlies a LOT more acne or PMDD cases than it is given credit? I think going on BCP at a young age helps stop ovulation, and if you stop ovulation, it mitagates the symptoms of PCOS? I really don't know. I received little to no information from my OBGYN because mine was such a "mild" case. UGH I Thought about YAZ this way, there are worse drugs (s
  5. http://www.drugstore.com/neutrogena-transp...e-free/qxp16681
  6. I would ask my doctor before beginning any estrogen supplementation. Ask if you should do progesterone also? That is a good question!
  7. Grapefruit interacts with a lot of drugs. it's just one of those things. Check your drugs for food-drug interactions. It should also bee in the drug information you get with your drugs at the pharmacy. try this website: Drug Interaction Checker If you are intent on having grapefruit, you can time it and don't consume it directly with your drugs. Ask your pharmacist, you can call a pharmacy hot line. Hormones Suck. Androgens are what cause acne. Talk to your OBGYN or Family Doctor wh
  8. Well if you don't have acne, but just oily skin: oily skin in and of itself is not necessarily bad. One good thing for example is that people with oily skin tend to have less wrinkles when they get older (more moisture). Our society puts out images that oily skin is bad. And most models have pound of makeup and powder on to matte-ify their faces. Yes, even guys were makeup on TV and in Magazines. Oily skin is not necessarily unhealthy! And guess what? We still don't exactly know what causes a
  9. Products I Use Now: Cleanser: Neutrogena-Oil Free Acne Wash- Redness Soothing Facial Cleanser neutrogena Moistureizer: Derma-E- Very Clear- Problem Skin Moisturizer Derma E Hyperpigmentaiton: Derma E- Skin Lighten - Natural Fade and Lighten Creme Derma E Sun Block: Eucerin- Every Day Protection Face Lotion- SPF 30 Eucerin
  10. Hello everybody! Here I am 7 months off my first round of Acutane. Although I had great success with this treatment, i feel that there needs to be a thread for people who may be suffering hormonal acne or acne caused by PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome). I have had several concerned friends from acne.org write on my blog and pm me about their frustrations and struggles with acne and PCOS. Having struggled with acne since my early 20's I can relate! So some history: My acne began around 2
  11. You are a sweet boyfriend! This shows you really care for your girlfriend. She is beautiful It looks hormonal, cystic, deep, painful This is beyond topicals. (topicals on back/shoulders? it will rub off with clothing/sleep, not practical) She may have PCOS. will have to go to OBGYN for a diagnosis, that can take time, but worth knowing because PCOS causes a slew of bad bad problems like infertility and diabetes. PCOS is difficult to diagnose. But it is definitely worth checking into. In th
  12. Good to hear that you are moving right along with your accutane regimen! Things will get better. I am proud of you for sticking to it so far, and getting through it Picking. UGH! The secret to picking is that its more of a nervous habit than an acne issue. So you have to find the trigger (usually stress) and avoid the habit, distract yourself, and change the habit. Replace it with something healthy. What i had to do to prevent myself from picking Waaaaaaaa 1) remove any "picking mirrors
  13. Use Chamomile tea. Soak 8-10 bags in hot water. let the water cool. Rinse your hair with the water during your shower. It makes you hair really shiny, and lightens it after a few weeks, only about 1 or 2 shades. Thats how my european friends do it. Lemon is very harsh on your hair. and it may turn darker shades orange! lhair lightening recipes
  14. @ Jenny: Thanks girl! @ Kernel: Sup Kernel? Good to see ya on here anyways hope that your skin is doin superbly MONTH 5 Post 'Tane Hello everybody! Quick update...... Skin: rashing a lot around cheeks and nose, increased capillary breakages, think it may be sun exposure related. Going to ask derm if its roseacea or esczema or something. COMPLETLY CLEAR FOR 5+ MONTHS Then about 3 days ago, DISASTER struck! I got the biggest, grossest, volcano on my lip. UGH. it had 4 heads,
  15. @hope: funny cause i havent been on here for ages either, and then when i came back, your reply was here! LOL Thanks for being there for me through the accutane challenge. I hope your skin stays clear and soft forever! 2 Months Post Tane New Regimen: Wash face with water in the morning, put on sunscreen, wash face with water at night (or mild soap if not exhausted, or no washing at all!) and then maybe some shea butter if dry. GOOD NEWS My skin is now silky soft, glowing, and very clear. I a