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  1. Ive asked her like 3 times if i can get on accutane because ive seen so many success stories. But she just replies with "I dont know, it makes your crazy" She said that the symptoms are bad and she doesnt like it....however i know i wouldnt have a problem with it How can i convince her to let me try it out?
  2. thats just like proactiv, its just like a walmart brand or something tho
  3. awesome thx for teh link, i cant wait to see if this regimen will work for me
  4. What is it? ive seen things everywhere about it, yet i dont know what it is? Can someone direct me to it?
  5. The first week i used bp i had experienced my face being EXTREMELY dry and red, i had to stop using bp for 2-3 days until my face was normal Then after that i just started using BP at night and moisturizer at night and in the morning, it had SOME results but not much, i continued to break out and gradually got drier Its the end of the second week now my face is dry, my whole face has broken out and life sucks What can i do to stop the dryness? If i go back to twice a day using bp then my fa
  6. well id love to try it out, i dont have a problem with the side effects, just my mom, maybe i can do some research and prove her wrong, thx
  7. How effective is it and how long does it take to start showing effects? Ive discussed getting it with my mom before, but she says taht it causes like mental instablitity in some cases, so she doesnt want me to get it. however, im desperate to rid myself of my acne
  8. CrackaG

    My journey with Acne

    Hopefully i can leave acne somewhere along the way :)
  9. Ok ive been using proactiv for like a year now, and i just discovered this site So ive decided to give Dan's Reginmen a shot to see if thatll help better Anyway, what do i do when my face starts to itch?! i knwo i cant touch or scrath and it gets really annoying and to the point where i NEED to do soemthing, so ive just been brushing it with my shirt....good or bad? Also how do i start a gallery of my own