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  1. Accutane worked for me I'm happy in that sense, I got off it in november However, I am starting to see a therapist/psyhchologist for depression and will probably end up on Anti-Depressents correlation? I don't know
  2. yeah i smoked weed, hydro, regs whatever through out ym entire treatment and had perfect bloodwork and good results...dont worry about it....get high but i did have a bad high once, right after my dosage got upped, i felt depressed, and even suicidal, and cried, it was fucked up...but it only happened once and i snapped out of it after about an hour...maybe everyone has that once and awhile though
  3. I really don't think people benefit MUCH from these websites. I used to go here and clearskin.net alot....and well it makes you think about your acne WAY too much, and makes you become even more self conscious (yes its possible). If your in high school, your acne probably isn't as bad as you think. Look around, everyone has some, of course some more than others...and you are your own worst critic. Your bad attributes stand out so much more to you than to others, its natural. My suggestion is...d
  4. Well I bought dans bp gel in the summer, never tried it cause things weren't bad. However, my back got bad late summer through october and I had about 30 spots, not small either....so past 2 weeks I used to Dans BP Gel about 10/14 nights on back and 90% spots are gone and healed and barely noticable and back feels smoothe....maybe 4 spots now....would I have same results if I used it on my face? I know your skin on your face is more sensitive, and my back didn't even get remotely red or itchy..
  5. yo...try to fight those tickets in court...cause 1/2 the time the cop wont show up and that emans your ticket is dropped...its worth the time...and if you can get it so the court date is on the cops day off, i bet he doesnt show....pimp the system haha
  6. im on Tazorac .1% and doing good and also on Duac which is a topical Antibiotic and also on Mino still...dunno why....maybe its doiung something hahah
  7. yeah it only helps while your on it....it'll return...antibiotics arent a permanent solution
  8. i start a week from today.....however i dont care cause - i have mild acne (but still self conscious) - i have tons of friends that have seen me almost every or every other day/night during the summer - ive had my acne since last summer so its already been seen by everyone no surprises
  9. When i started Tazorac .1% it definitely did this, it brought a bunch of red marks to the service....
  10. Only put it on the spots....its will clog pores!!!
  11. i had mild acne with a cyst on my chin like once a week, it completely stopped my cysts and made zits just small and not inflamed...it worked really well but my damn derm tried lowering the dosage after 4 months and shit came back and she tried puttion me back on to 200 mg a day however its too late cause i think im now immune to it and im pissed cause it worked good!
  12. i think white makes you look the best cause its so noticable...also red shirts for the same reason....i definitely dont wear grey though it seems to be the worst for bringing out spots
  13. its a cyst thats reoccuring you need to have that injected wuith a steroid i forgot what the shots were called or else youll have a scar
  14. im on Minocylin 200mg a day but i think im ammuen to it cause my derm tried taking me off after like 4 months and putting me back on...but im also on Duac (which is a topical antibiotic) for spot treatment....im on tazorac .1% btw...doing good