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  1. I've been researching on the net and came across sarah summer's ebook...which she claims to rid candida out of your body ...I searched reviews and she has gotten amazing reviews, still no one has said what this cure is...just wondering if anyone has heard of this or has tried it? Thanks, Alyssa
  2. Hey guys, so this is officialy two weeks today, I'm taking the flush kind, and 200mg to 300mg per day, and seriously, I'm not noticing ANY difference what do you think is going on? Do you think that flush free is better??? so freaking sick and tired bout thinking, seeing and freaking out about acne ....
  3. Hows everyone doing with the niacin? I've slacked this weekend on it.....my face is still broken out in very tiny pimples, I can't stand when I wash my face and all I feel is bumps...I'm going to go back to taking 300-400mg of niacin and see how it goes....
  4. I started taking the flush kind since last friday.....i don't know what to think yet.....
  5. mellow, are the pills 500mg each?? If so, that is a super high dosage by taking 4! I'm not a doctor but I definetly don't think thats a good idea....
  6. Yeah I hear you crooked, I know exactly what you mean....of all the things I've tried and had such high hopes, to be let down ....anyways, we'll see...for all of us! I just want you to know that I took one 100mg pill today at work, and just my elbows got all itchy and red, and I just took another one 100mg pill about 25 mins ago , and the same thing, its my elbows again that are super red and itchy! oh yeah, and my left ear is red and hot, but not the right one....so weird! I can handle this t
  7. Thanks for your very fast replies crooked and jimsta.....I'll tell you that yesterday, I ate alot for breakfast and then I took two 100 mg pills, and was extremely nervous, and to my surprise, NO FLUSH! weird huh? Also I took one 100 mg pill today after eating and as well there was no flush....so...I think my body is used to that dosage maybe??? I don't know.....but as for the progress with pimples....I still have a bunch
  8. thanks crooked....should i take one or two today?
  9. Ok heres my scoop Crooked and everyone else.... so because of this such promising thread I went to my health store today and talked to my natural path, he told me that out of the two, he would get the flushing one because he said its not a bad thing to flush, sooooo....I got the flush kind, just the 100mg a tablet and decided to take two...man oh man ,am I ever glad I wasn't out in public, just at a co workers place and I'm not joking, we sat down to eat lunch, I popped two 100mg pills, and no
  10. Alyssa, different people trying niacin have had success with one or the other. The only way to see what one works for you (if any) is to try one and then the other and see what's best for you. Ok thanks for your reply, the flushing kind of freaks me out a bit so I will get the non flushing one and tell everyone my progress.....have you yourself tried niacin??
  11. Ok everybody!!!! I'm getting excited here! I am going to the drug store to pick up a bottle! Should i get the non flush kind???? Will it work as good????
  12. Ok Guys and Gals I wanna tell you bout my regimine experience! So its been 1 week and 4 days since being on the regimine...I am ABSOLUTELY loving it. This was my progress: First couple of days, didn't notice too much, maybe about the fourth day, I started noticing my face red, it looked like I had a bit of a sunburn, then it slowly started looking like I had a tan, my boyfriend asked me if I was wearing my fake tanner stuff, (I haven't worn my fake tanner in months!) i told him no, it must b
  13. Hey! Mine is at my post office but I can't pick it up until tomorrow so tomorrow night will be my first night starting the regimine! I have the jojoba oil and also the aha+ as well...what type of acne do you have?
  14. hey Dan do you use anything to wash your hands before cleansing with your soap?? I always wash my hands with ivory soap, then after my hands are washed, I apply the cleanser...thanks...