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  1. This is a much needed thread. Try not to beat yourselfs up too much(; But I do it too. I wish I'd done Accutane instead of trying a million alternative treatments- that is why I have scars. Then there is the big regret of all the wasted money trying to repair the scars. I have spent thousands on peels that didn't work, IPL, Fraxel, excisions and recently subcision. I have a Dr. now trying to talk me into activefx... swearing it will make my skin 75% better. So do I dump another $3000.00
  2. I had five excisions in Nov. 08 and only recently felt the final result (7 months later) could be evaluated. It took forever for the discoloring to go away and I feared worse scarring, but that happened only with one- made it a wider shallower scar instead of a tiny icepick- a tradeoff that I'm not sure I like. So of course I couldn't leave well enough alone and just had two of the excised scars subcised... subcision is what I SHOULD have done first... but I really hoped the excisions would
  3. How the flip does anyone afford fillers!? My dr. also suggested fillers and sure I'd love them- but the cost is $500.00 to $600.00 for one treatment that MIGHT last 4 months and might not even work...
  4. Tazorac is the strongest form of retinoid and the one most likely to improve scars. If your insurance will cover it- switch. You could be using differin for yrs w/out much improvement. Taz has improved my scars somewhat and I've been on it for 6 yrs. I recently had excisions on 5 scars and I believe the tazorac hastened the healing (I've read that it can). It cannot replace more invasive treatments- like a laser or dermabrasion, but with patience, it will soften the appearance of some areas
  5. Oh- and taz is a lifelong regimen... you will eventually love it and want to use it at night. It is prescribed for wrinkles for people w/out acne- so just make it part of your routine. I have used an LED light w it- but not at first, your skin will be delicate for awhile. It is not an easy thing to begin- I've read that people quit before they reap the benefits because of the peeling, the redness, and the itching. So if you have the patience... you'll see improvement.
  6. I have used taz for 6 yrs. in addition to keeping your skin clear, it improves wrinkles- I was told ok to use around eyes and unlike others my age (mid 30s) I have zero fine lines anywhere. I had huge pores to begin with and taz makes them appear smaller. Expect a few months before you see any improvement- it will happen gradually, so unless you have good high res before & after pics, you may not notice. I started realizing that I'd not been covering up my pores & skin with make-up
  7. My experience is on here. I had 5 done- all in the smile lines around my mouth/chin area... so lots of movement. My Dr. was a professional cosmetic surgeon. I was told he did an amazing job by another surgeon (friend) after the procedure. However, I'm not pleased w the results- just not the improvement I'd hoped for- even though I was warned not to expect much. I'm still scheduled to have spot dermabrasion over the areas, but now that I'm finally healed (5 months), I'm not anxious to go h
  8. Ha- viagra Re: micro swelling, I have also wondered this and this is sort of what I do to my face by using a wkly salicylic acid peel. I look better with the swelling and flaking than with scars. I have even used a nail file (gently) on a particular scar to get temporary swelling (I don't recommend this). I may be damaging my skin, but when the alternative is to look like crap... well. I don't see how a temp swelling treatment could be anymore harmful than the temporary fillers. I wonde
  9. I wish I could get back all the cash I've spent on "conservative" treatments I've done and go for the big treatments. I agree with others, that silicone would be a good choice for you and while you cannot pull money out of the air, save your pennies and don't waste them on things that many of us here can testify don't work on deeper scarring. You could look into university programs looking for test patients. I have a friend who got a full face CO2 laser for free as a test subject. Sounds sca
  10. A few questions, probably dumb... but need to know(: 1.) How did you find a Dr. to do this? I googled my area(denver), but came up with nothing. I don't want to go through another round of consultations as I did to find someone to do excisions. 2.) How did/do you feel about the risks? I've read some horrible things about it, in fact, death can result from an improper injection. Although death vs scars... seems a worthy risk. 3.) How many rounds are recommended? It doesn't look like y
  11. We all have our good and bad experiences. When you've wasted thousands of dollars with no improvement and even some worsening of the scarring, its hard not to be bitter. All of the opinions here are helpful so that each of us can decide on our own what to do next. I like the negative and the positve. Re: Fed up and there is no way out... I often feel that way too. I sometimes want to die and be done with it. I've bulit my life around this curse. I work out during the off hours of the gym
  12. I don't know the answer, but you are wise to be cautious. I would do more research before you consider this. I know from experience, that things we spend our money on can make the situation worse. I no longer trust Dr.s saying its safe- would they do it to their own faces? That would be the ultimate test and it won't happen. I am very frustrated to hear that juvederm didn't work well for you, as that was going to be my "next" hope after my spot dermabrasion and ActiveFX. Just a thought t
  13. The truth is that it will not do anything permanent. I do peels often because they temporarily give your skin a fresher look for a few days, but then its all back to the way it was. I hate to disappoint you, but you will need to do something more invasive if you have scars, even mild ones. 30% is just not enough to make a difference. I do monthly 50% peels, and my skin looks smoother the wk its done, and then its the same. I don't know of anyone who has improved their scars with a mild 30%
  14. Heidi, I am so sorry and know your pain. I have also avoided events due to my scars, even, as you described, an award ceremony for me. I am also thin and know I'm attractive in spite of the scars. I can do amazing things with make-up lol. But it feels like a ruse, like I'm putting a mask on and I can never allow myself to believe that I'm worthy because of the scarring. I just want average skin, it seems such a small request. Our faces give first impressions and sadly, acne and the residua