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  1. Vitamin C! So good to hear from you - has it really been over 2 years? Sounds like your life improved dramatically after your first course; mine did as well. Sorry to hear that you're in a rough patch right now, but i accutely remember your resiliency and the strength you find in the many people that care about you, and I know that you will come out on the other end of this even better than before, regardless of how things shake out. I think the decision to go for the second course is a good
  2. Just wanna say I miss your presence. I hope all is well. <3

  3. stopping by to show some love.. i hope you're doing well.


  4. Epilogue One month post-tane I realize my log was a one-hit wonder and people are gravitating towards the newer, cooler, (and more importantly), active logs of people who are still on accutane. but i figured there must be someone out there curious about my life after accutane. if not thats ok, im just bored. I somewhat wish I had stayed on the full 6 months to get my full dose up to 150mg/kg, just because i still have problems. but, im not sure if that would have solved anything because i
  5. Day 170 8,000 mgs So this is pretty unbelievable. I go to the pharmacy today to pick up my last prescription. I'm pretty excited because once i get it, i'm done with the hassles of accutane. no more blood tests, no more doctors visits, no more ipledge bullshit. just take the pills until im ready to stop. I go in, they give me the pills and ask for the $10 co-pay. I hand them the $15 rebate, and the pharmacist apparently has to go into the system to get this activated or something. this
  6. Day 161 7,280 mgs February has come to an end. What does this mean, besides the promise of a new spring? My last month on accutane. I've been a little unhappy with my skin lately, feeling annoyed by the little whiteheads by my mouth and red marks. A recent super cold dry spell combined with working terrible hours i think contributed to beating up my skin. but, i went to the dermatologist yesterday, looked at me and said "squeaky clean". put me under the light and rubbed my face, noting
  7. Day 154 6,920 mgs I got blood taken today, and I'm happy to report that the experience went much better than last time. To remind everyone, last time it seemed alot more painful than usual. At first i thought it was in my head, but then my arm bruised up for over a week. So I was a bit nervous this time, but it felt normal so presumably my arm won't go nuts. Also, last time my liver was up, presumably because I drank way too much over the holiday season. I haven't been drinking lately so
  8. guess you already got your answer, but i thought id chime in cause i had this too i heard all this talk about bloody nose. i pictured runny bloody noses. never got anything like that. just started to really dry up there and there always felt like there was sharp painful stuff up there. and if i uh, extracted it, there could be some blood. but yea, a couple nights i just extracted it all, threw some aquaphor up there, and have been fine since. dont even really need to do that anymore.
  9. makes no difference whatsoever as long as you take it with food
  10. Day 135 6,020 mgs Past 6,000 mgs. hell yea! For me, the 120-150mg/kg dosage is 7,200 - 9,000. Sooo that's pretty exciting. a mere 1,200 away from a potential curing dose. and as i've stated, i'm gonna go beyond that until march 31, provided everything continues to go smoothly. And things have been going smoothly. I'm in the heart of busy season and doing fine mentally. I'm in the dead of winter and my skin isnt as dry as winters past. No aches, no pains, whole lotta nothing except for
  11. it's really not something to be frightened of. i resisted it for over a year and a half after it was first recommended by a dermatologist. my ONLY regret is wasting 7 years on topicals and antibiotics, when this shit is the real deal. i was worried about going through hell too...i just resigned myself to 6 months of never going out and feeling miserable. but its not like that. i had some side effects at first as my body got used to the drug, but now i dont even notice. just chapped lips.
  12. Day 132 5,840 mgs ugh, i got a horrendous case of food poisoning last week that resulted in me missing 4 days of accutane. no noticeable effects from it, just frustrating that i missed out on a chunk of time to get that dosage up. I should be over 6,000 already I'd say things are pretty good. I wanna say the white-head type acne around my mouth is diminishing and fading, though if i really get up close there are alot of tiny little guys. i really dont give a crap about them, except worryin
  13. Day 123 5,510 Mgs Hey Johnsta...don't you hate those people who drop off the planet once their skin gets good? who do they think they are, out enjoying life instead of documenting every last nodule on acne.org! haha but no that hasn't happened to me, i've just been really busy, and like with any journal it gets harder to keep updating frequently as compared to the beginning. my skin's improved vastly but there's still a ways to go... as for thinking i was a girl, now i know why you respond
  14. I laughed when I read about you feeling bad for not posting. I remember back in October, we were both new to accutane, and both had made a commitment to post daily. Now, I probably post every 2 weeks. I do think about posting most days, if that gets me any credit! but usually im like eh fuck it, tomorrow. i know these pictures dont give the whole story, but it looks like youre making awesome progress. I'm really happy for you. I'm also doing pretty well, which you'll see in my log if i ca