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  1. Hey! Wow, this thread is still up after four months! I'm glad people have some interest in this. Perhaps eventually someone will acknowledge that masturbation does cause acne, for some people at least. Over the past four months, I have kept my masturbation to a minimum to prevent acne. I still masturbate about once per week or less, so I do have minor acne, but fortunately it isn't very bad at all. I have had a few wet dreams when not masturbating for a long time. These have increased my acne
  2. Parker, I thank you much for that post you dug up. Very good read. I agree 100% with whoever wrote that. The analogy was excellent. Hopefully it'll show you that you don't need scientific evidence to know that something exists. As for why people outgrow acne and continue to masturbate... Did you skip Sex Ed in 5th grade? Most people outgrow acne after puberty. I wish you weren't so close-minded. Sure, bacteria causes acne. But you're acting as if that's the only thing that can possibly cause a
  3. Avron, I am currently almost completely clear. What's left is probably from rare ejaculations or stress or whatever else causes acne. The major acne that I experienced in the past (due to frequent masturbation) is gone. Any acne that I have now is just whiteheads.
  4. Ignorant? Ok, I'll give you two scenarios that have happened in my past. Please explain to me why one gives me acne and the other doesn't. I masturbate daily for a week without ejaculating and I don't notice an increase in acne. I masturbate daily for a week including ejaculating and I have massive breakouts. What am I ignoring? If I tested this once, then you might say something occurred during that second week that caused me to breakout. The problem is, this pattern repeated itself many t
  5. You're talking about proven facts? Well, it's been proven that spots take longer than a day or so to form anyway, so forget that point. Also, I don't see how it's 'proven fact' when you state that three people or so claim there's a link for them - could I therefore label it 'proven' if I find as many people who don't find any correlation.
  6. Cynic, what argument do you see? We are certainly not arguing anything. Avron and I posted our objective personal experiences. As for Uncle Buck and Parker, please take your idiotic ranting somewhere else. You are sarcastically and rudely presenting your opinions when, once again, we are not asking for any. My original post is simply a factual presentation of my acne history. And Evigrex, if I understand your post correctly, that's disgusting. Too bad these forums are filled with immature losers