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  1. It can be hereditary.Both of my parents had bad acne.They still have adult acne,but it is nothing with what they had.I can see their scars.I'm the oldest out of three kids.I had to be the lucky one to get bad acne.My brother and sister only have a few pimples.No blackheads,no whiteheads,less pimples.My face feels like sandpaper. But look,I understand that you don't want to pass your acne to your kids.And we know how terrible it is.If you really want a child,you could still consider it!Plus,if y
  2. Wooow...Anything over 100? You're right though.Ethnicity plays a big role.I'm Hispanic. *Sigh* I still wouldn't even think you were fat.You probably don't even look fat.
  3. I'm also friendless.Let's see.I used to have tons of friends,but not anymore because A.They weren't friends.Just people to talk to. B.My best 2 friends turned out to be my enemies.One girl offended me many times about my looks,even with acne.The other one was never supportive. C.I'm just quiet.I'm not antisocial at all,just quiet.If you get to know me I'm tons of fun,but if I'm quiet,and keep to myself,no one will know that.I've tried to get out of it,but small steps first. D.I don't even han
  4. I don't have lemons around,but I do have vinegar.I like to use the vinegar after a baking soda scrub.A baking soda scrub,and diluted vinegar afterwards leave my skin feeling soft and smooth.I don't see it actually helping with my acne,plus,I've only begun using it,but I like the feeling it leaves.Also,please remember to dilute.Who knows what the pure stuff could do.
  5. Be brave and go for it.If you don't go for it,you're going to regret it.My skin is terrible and I've braved up to do it.I wasn't lucky,but it was worth a try.If she doesn't like you,what can you do about it?Move on and find someone else.Just don't act too self concious.be confident,but not cocky.Act like you know you're worth it. It could work out.I've seen people with acne with partners,including myself.It is so common,that people are starting to not care.
  6. Don't photoshop.Don't be a fake.I know I would feel bad if I did that.Just tell him about yur concerns.it might seem hard,and silly,but it will probably be worth it.And hey,if he doesn't like you because of your acne,better to receive the news now than when you meet!But it really does seem like he cares about you,so go for it.
  7. It is actually possible.Different people have different needs. Really,if the guy says he truly loves you,and that he truly doesn't care,then I believe he is being sincere.But you will never know until you meet him.Maybe you can have a serious talk about your concerns?Instead of asking what if you looked like ....,you should just tell him the truth about your concerns,and maybe he'll understand better?Really,consider that. About meeting him,be careful,alright?
  8. I know I feel kinda weird during the holidays with the relatives,with acne.But it won't disappear in time for xmas,so I'll just use makeup to cover it up.Or maybe I'll just show everyone my lovely acne.Better for me,I don't really want to feel like I have a mask on.
  9. Yeah.Some of us aren't allowed to go out on Friday nights. So I stay home,read,and go to the board here,because even if you guys decide to post here instead of doing something else,you're all pretty cool.
  10. Makeup doesn't really work for covering up my zits,so many times,I don't bother.You'll do fine.
  11. Easier said than done,true.But,if people want,they could give it a try.
  12. Now that was mean! Hmm...I love your sig pic,turtle.i was gonna laugh,but people around me would just think I was coo-koo