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  1. DAY 78 I HAVENT UPDATED IN FOREVER!! HOLY SNAPS!! To start, My SKIN: Well I am essentially break out FREE at the moment. It took 70 days to get here! Ok i kinda lied. I have two microscopic (think head of a needle tiny!!!) zits. one on my left chin and under my left ear! Skin is not oily, but not incredibly dry. I still have a crazy crazy lot of redmarks---I really think every zit i had since I started Accutane left a Red Mark---all over both cheeks, my jaw line, etc. BUT to touch my skin is so
  2. hey wow your skin looks great! I can't wait to see results like that! So did you not do anything for your redmarks? Like did they just fade on their own? I have CRAZY redmarks all over and like you I have a darker complextion...my derm advised me to not do anything for them until I am off accutane...
  3. I am 2 1/2 months into accutane with much success...few pimples left (like 3 maybe)... anyways...my issue is my redmarks too!!
  4. I agree with everyone your skin looks fabulous!!!
  5. Hey! Good luck on middterms and your accutane course!h
  6. DAY 63 Ok Soo it's been 9 weeks now. Skin: two actives on my left jaw line near my ear, one on my left above my eyebrow, two on my right forehead, and old stuff that is dying out. These 'actives' are relatively small compared to the super mega whiteheads i got in my IB. So i'm ok with it. My skin FEELS smooth when I wash it. No oil. Nose dry dry dry! My makeout chin burn is clear. I HAVE LOADS of REDMARKS! I haven darker skin, so my skin hyperpigments like crazy!I am still trying to decide
  7. I'm sorry you have the flu! Yeah the dry lips thing is really really crazy---I guess we just have to get use to it. I carry aquaphor with me at all times and it helps a bunch. Hooray no oil!!!! yahoo!!!
  8. Hey! Don't be discouraged! You are only on day 10 you have a couple months to go!!!. From my experience on Accutane... It does get worse before it gets better. This is just something Accutane users have to accept. In many cases much worse. My IB was the worst acne I have ever seen and lasted from day 7-18ish. It was horrible. BUT THERE IS HOPE! I just started my 2nd month and my face is sooooooo soo much better! I don't have any new breakouts, and old breakouts are just drying up. I promise it
  9. DAY 56 Wowza! Today is TWO months!! Ok update: Skin: good, no new new break outs. Old stuff is healing. Loads loads of redmarks. Dry skin--but tolerable just need to moisturize. Overall I'm happy with the results after 2 months!! I can't wait till month 3, 4 and 5! Hooray clear skin! I'll use acne.org land as a tell all place. FUNNY STORY...relates to tane! Ok soo I went home this weekend for my Derm appointment. This guy from home (who I worked with over the summer...different guy not crazy
  10. Hey! congrats you are one month away from the start to clear skin!! Anyways, the facial/eyebrow threading went great! Unlike waxing, threading does not remove a layer of your skin so it is fine to do on accutane. It hurts (just as much as waxing does) because it is pulling the hair at the root..but its great nice end results!! Keep updating! !
  11. hey i read ur post about the threading ur whole face. im starting accutane on the 20th and was wondering if i can still get my eyebrows and upper lip threaded haha so lemme know how it goes, and good luck!

  12. Good luck on starting accutane! I'm currently on my 6th week. Nice name by the way (I'm a Samantha too!)
  13. Good luck with your course! It looks like we are at the same time/dosage for Accutane (I'm about 6 weeks in with 80mg/day). Is the clinique redness line for general redness from accutane of for those red marks/hyperpigmentation from acne??