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  1. If you look for meaning and value in your beauty then you will always be ugly, never pretty enough, no matter what. It is insidious and dangerous. "Being happy with yourself", may sound like some plain, tired cliche. Because it is, they easily roll off the tongue, but in practice are hard to keep. You can't find more happiness than in the healthy relationships you develop with other people -- and all the little and large sacrifices you make for them. You should search for meaning in the fac
  2. You care a lot less of what people think of you when you realize how seldom they actually do.
  3. David Foster Wallace Speech: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122178211966454607.html Steve Jobs speech:
  4. Forget where I heard that, but you choose what to worship and what you value -- and it will eventually define you if you are not careful.
  5. It is a compliment, they are trying to be encouraging -- take it as such and don't let your shit esteem get in the way of it.
  6. Go for it! All it takes is a bit of courage. Approach them with a warm, relaxed attitude and most will be happy to talk with you. And just a simple "Hi" works very well. And don't listen to the *moderator edit* that tell you you will fail, because I guarantee you they are not approaching women because they don't have the courage you do.
  7. I've never liked the whole "nice guys finish last" thing. I'm "nice" and I've never had problems with women. It is more like: "guys who let themselves get walked on finish last". And yes, the women who go after the "bad boys" who treat them like crap, are not the ones you want to go after. I had one experience with one and that was the last.
  8. Try to keep your shopping times to times of low store traffic if you're this nervous about going out, "ease" your way into it I guess. I would think the lowest traffic hours are weekday mornings, but I rarely shop so I know little of that. It is good to get out, even for a little bit, go for it.
  9. Accutane worked really well for me, just remember to have chapstick with you at all times and perhaps a small little thing of moisturizer. Hope it goes well for you.
  10. I never broke out while on accutane. My acne only progressively got better with time, and now having completed the course I haven't had a single pimple or anything in a year or so. Good luck with it.
  11. I've never skipped because of acne, but I did several times throughout high school and the in-school suspensions always sucked.
  12. For some reason this thread brings to mind a quote from Fight Club: "It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything". -Tyler Durden
  13. You've mentioned several times your loneliness while your friends are out with their partners, perhaps you should pick up a hobby, join a club, gym, or something.