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  1. Hi all, I am halfway through my projected course of Accutane (3 out of 6 months) and I'm wondering if my cumulative dosage should be enough for remission. I know everyone is different and no one can truly predict that, but I still want to have a good shot at it! I've read several times that 120mg/kg is the "magic" number, and I'm on course for about 105mg/kg by the end. (I'm 115-120 lbs and my monthly doses have been/will be 20-30-30-40-40-30.) My acne is moderate but persistent! I know th
  2. I just noticed this and it's driving me CRAZY! I have them on my nose and chin - much worse than I ever did before Accutane. OCM helps a LOT with getting rid of the blackheads (even if you just do it 1xweek or so) but the pores are still enlarged, so they tend to come right back for me!
  3. It took about 3 weeks before the oil was really gone for me - I am on a very low dose (20mg) so maybe it takes a bit longer. Anyway, I had EXTREMELY oily skin, and it definitley worked for me! Now if only it will STAY gone...
  4. Hi! Please don't go tanning! It is NOT worth the risks EVER, and especially not when your skin is super sensitive. (Don't mean to preach lol - I used to go all the time but stopped a few years ago.) I have always been really pale, so I had to find something else when I quit tanning, and I finally came up with something that works pretty well: Jergens on my body and a few drops of Dr. Hauschka Bronze Concentrate added to my facial moisturizer so I MATCH! I wish I trusted the Jergens facial
  5. Hi! I am just starting Accutane (almost 2 weeks in) and trying to figure this out as well. My skin isn't very dry yet, but in preparation I have started mixing a little bit of my foundation (BareMinerals!) in with my moisturizer/sunscreen to make it a tinted moisturizer rather than a powder. I like this method because BareMinerals has never made me break out or irritated my skin, and a lof of tinted moisturizers are loaded with ingredients I don't want! I usually add a few drops of Dr. Hausc