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  1. Hello, About 8 months ago, I used a topical called Vanoxide. It worked pretty well and I'd like to try using it again now to see if it will help with mild breakouts and reduce redness associated with breakouts and using bp. My dr called in a prescription for Vanoxide today at 2 different pharmacies and both said that Vanoxide was discontinued but Vanoxide HC Kit is available but is more expensive because it's a wash and a topical lotion in the kit. 1) Has anyone else had this experience with
  2. Hi, I used Proactiv for 8 years and then stopped in Sept 08. I then had 3 IPLs and 2 spot laser treatments for broken capillaries and mild facial redness. So from Sept - Dec I used a mild gentle cleanser, mild toner and moisturizer and I used Vanoxide to spot treat blemishes 1 -2 x a day. I wanted to stop using Proactiv and just use mild stuff while my skin was healing from the laser treatments the first 8 weeks. Then I wanted to start something new to help smooth my skin texture and keep my oi
  3. I've been using the NuCelle system for oily skin for 5 days now. I use the NuCelle cleanser, toner, 10% serum, moisturizer and sunblock. I see that some of these products have algae extract in them and I've read that this can aggravate acne. But I've read soooooooo many great reviews from people who have acne who have used NuCelle and it's cleared their skin and tightened their pores. I am having an IB from the NuCelle (mostly flesh colored bumps all over my face and a few whiteheads with pus) b
  4. Do any of you find that when you first wake up in the morning, your skin actually looks GOOD? I have mild acne, so the pimples are not usually as much of an issue for me as the texture and tone of my skin is. I find that when I first wake up, my skin tone looks good, I'm just a little oily and my skin feels and looks smooth. But as the day goes on, I have a few small flesh colored bumps on my left cheek that become noticeable to me, my skin tone is not as even as it was when I first woke up and
  5. That's exactly what I do too! I'll take a picture in different types of lighting and it never looks as bad on camera to me as it does in the mirror. And everyone else tells me the same thing too -- that it is NOT that bad. We were in Target the other night and I consider that store to have particularly harsh lighting and I always feel self conscious in lighting like that. I asked her to look at my face while we were there and she told me that an acne mark I have looks like a freckle to her. I as
  6. I have 3 spots that are from an acne breakout I had after an IPL 9 weeks ago. The red marks formed 8 weeks ago and I was using retinol on these marks on the advice of my dermatologist. The marks have gotten a lot smaller. One is still light brown and looks kinda stretched over one of my pores on my left cheek. Is this normal? I also have another healing mark that is on my right cheek. The color is a very faint pink, but it still looks kinda stretched out over one of my pores and it's a little d
  7. After I see a dermatologist or any kind of skin doctor, I always feel WORSE about my skin. The doctors don't point out every flaw I have, but rather has me say what my issues are or ask about them and then the doctors respond. The doctors never tell me that what I see isn't there. But if I ask if it's as bad as I think they always say no, they've seen worse or that my issue is mild. My issue is that my skin texture on my cheeks have sun damage and appear rough. My forehead, nose and chin look fi
  8. Why is that in some lighting I think my skin looks ok or even sometimes it looks good. In other lighting I think it's not great and then is some lighting I think my skin looks HORRIBLE! I don't understand why my skin actually looks pretty good in some light and then horrid in other light. I know that many of us who have acne or other skin issues , we tend to scrutinize our face so we see things that many people don't see or even know to look for on our face. But what I'm talking about is this -
  9. Hi, I started using the NuCelle kit for oily skin on Sunday night of this week (face wash, toner, 10% serum, shine free moisturizer and spf 30 sunblock). On Tuesday there were 2 -3 small whiteheads with pus on my chin and a medium sized red bump near my mouth. Today I notice some small bumps on both sides of my face too. The ones on my chin are a little smaller today but the one near my mouth is still there. I also woke up this morning to a flaky patch of skin near my mouth, right over where th
  10. Vanoxide is 5% benzoyl peroxide with hydrocortisone. It works well on any pimples that I get but I can only use it once a day or I get dry and I'd rather use a skin care system that will prevent pimples in the first place, not just spot treat when I get pimples like I'm doing now. Up until I had 3 IPLs I was using Proactiv for many years with success, BUT it made my face somewhat red and did dry me out sometimes. A dermatologist did the IPLs and Vbeam laser treatments on me but I am seeing a di
  11. Hello, About 8 weeks ago, I had my 3rd IPL and 2nd use of the Vbeam laser. I've been using a generic, gentle cleanser, toner and moisturizer ever since then and about 10 days after the 3rd IPL my derm prescribed Vanoxide to help spot treat any new breakouts. The Vanoxide has done an ok job of clearing up any new breakouts but it is drying and I'd like to go back on a skin system to not only treat my hormonal mild acne but also help with smoothing out the texture of my skin. Since I've been tol
  12. Hi, I am 38 years old with mild hormonal acne and sun damage which means I have some broken capillaries, trapped, flesh colored pimples in some spots on my cheeks that come and go, and my cheeks tend to have a lumpy appearance to them at times. I would like to make my skin texture smoother, reduce acne breakouts and get rid of these flesh colored trapped pimples that sometimes form on my cheeks. I know I need to exfoliate and from what I've read, NuCelle can do all of these things. I just orde
  13. Hi Genna, I had Vbeam laser treatments along with IPL in October of this year and after the 3rd treatment, I noticed two small indentations on the left side of my nose. Did you have vbeam laser treatment? When did you have your laser treatment done? Thankfully these two indented marks are on the side of my nose so it's not that noticeable unless you look at me close up. It still bothers me though, and I also developed a small hyperpigmented area next to my nose from the laser. I've been told th
  14. Hi, I have hormonal acne which happens a couple of days before my period and lasts until a few days after my period. It's probably considered mild acne because it's mostly small flesh colored pimples and some whiteheads on my cheeks and/or chin, although whenever and whereever I breakout, it's a major thing to me. For 3 weeks I have been taking 45 mg of Solodyn once a day. I will start taking the bcp Tri-Sprintec this Sunday. Tri-Sprintec is the generic version of Othro Tri-Cyclen and I was to
  15. Hello, Has any one here used faerie organic mineral makeup? For those of you who can't use Bare Minerals or Everyday Minerals, here is what I found out about this makeup from their Web site: "Faerie Organic Minerals are non-comedogenic. Because they are naturally anti-inflammatory, they will not clog pores and inflame acne or roseacia prone skin and have shown to actually help heal acne. They do not contain any: Talc, Chemicals, Bismuth Oxychloride, preservatives and they are dye free. They ha