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  1. Hi Deadbeat007, Yea I too think that average rolling scars or depressed scars look good one people...but mine aren't average they are very severe and the basicly really make my face alot more ugly... But I think many people here can't understand what I am saying... I don't know...I haven't seen alot of info about raised scars or nothing...also haven't seen many treatments for raised ones...all treatments seem to focus on depressed scars like ice-pick and so one.... Well hope anybody has an goo
  2. Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and support, I am so happy so find people like you...kind and understanding...Well I have just been battling with my acne and acne scars my whole life...it's a way of life for me...My scars are best described as raised scars...I have 3 just beetwen my forehead....and when I make any exprection ( like smiling or being made, the scars become more visible...I mean it becuse they are raised that they make such an ugly sight to behold...the are so un-natural th
  3. A pair of little girls...couldn't have been more than 10 years old... walk past me on the street and say... " Eeewwww did you see his face....I haven't anything as ugly as that in my life ".... Wen't home with tears in my eyes as I have for years before... Have had severe acne my whole life, that have left me with what I could best describe with desfiguring scars....
  4. Hi guys this is my first post here, have made many friends here and meet many wonderful people here. But I suffer every single day now....for the last 8 years...firstly from a severe acne...was on Accutane 2 times...but becuse I had severe cystic acne...the have left me with severe acne scars.... I don't even know why I am writing this online to a bunch of strangers really...but I think it has goten to a point that I have lost the will to life....I mean I just don't care anymore....for 8 years I