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  1. I'm usually very healthy and have a rutine.. eat and sleep at certain times, but lately it's gone totally wrong.. I can't sleep at night, eventhough I haven't slept nearly enough. My urin is dark, my breath is unusually bad and I get much easilier annoyed, (usually very quiet and tolerant), my weight has also gone down 3kg suddenly.. I am on Accutane and Dapsone, have been for 3½months but this turn in events has only started last 2weeks. When I actually do fall asleep, I sleep for a short whil
  2. I know that while your on accutane you shouldn't use anything else on your skin. but I what to have some active part in the healing.. want to do something other than just take a pill. So I'm thinking that since accutane works from the inside, then I can help from the outside by ensuring that it isn't anything from the outside causing or worsening my acne. How bad an idea wiuld it be using sayyy.. Clinique's Acne Solution 3step - line? I have been on accutane for over 3months and still not clear
  3. after I got a bad handrash my dose was decreased, but also because they didn't see the wanted improvement.. it got better, but sometimes it gets bad again and then I use "Elisabeth Arden - eight hour cream" and I have had a problem with moiusterisers because they seem to burn, but this worked really well.
  4. I was just wondering, my acne problem is 5 huge cysts/nodules, otherwise my skin is really good. and i'm past month 3 on accutane.. and .. when does accutane start working on the huge thingies? and how will you noticeit working on the nodules/cysts?
  5. I think my IB lasted almost 2½months.. and when it continued I got a short course of prednisone (steroide) to help immedietly and also dapson (antibiotic) took take for the remainder of my roaccutane course. the prednisone worked wonders for the pain, swollenness(?) and finally getting sleep!! now I'm done with the prednisone and the Dapson is working, and my face is much better, or it doesn't hurt so much and the no more painful breakpout (so far).. soe Dapsone is a antibiotic that derms us
  6. I don't really know if I have acne conglobata, but I think I have some symptoms.. but not sure. And I'm currently on Isotretinion, Dapsone (antibiotic) and Prednisone (steroid). and right now it is pretty good, I just hope it will last after I finish the prednisone. I hope you'll find a solution!
  7. How long does it take for BC for acne, to have any effect on acne? if it is of that hormonal reason
  8. Has anyone on accutane had cravings for food they didn't consume a lot before accutane?
  9. I got a course of prednisone to take for 17days, while on the tane, because my break-out was so bad, and the derm said that it was really not what he had exepted, that it would become so inflamed and soo much worse, but the prednisone helped, but only for the days I took it. Now on day 68 I'm still getting worse, and the derm is starting me on Dapsone (antibiotic) to try and control the break-out.
  10. I'm taking Dianemite, but it hasn't worked before soe.. I weigh 59kg, thats about 120mg 'maxed out' and I'm only taking 40mg now.. soe that should be ok? I looked up Acne Conglobata, it sounds about right in some ways, but I only have acne in my face, and yes since I started Isotretinion I got a break-out on my back, which I have never had a problem with before.
  11. can you take Ibuprofen while on accutane? otherwise a pic from now.. damn im looking forward to seeing the doctor in only 1week now.. He requested me to be the last of his patiens that day so that he would have good time for me..
  12. I was wondering if you can take Ibuprofen while on accutane? I read that you shouldn't take Ibuprofen while taking other medicins such as medicins for skindisease ..
  13. nope I was a happy-ignorant-to-the-pains-of-acne until I turned 18.. and I would say I was pretty much over the development stage;) I got 10mg the first week, then went up to 60mg for a couple of weeks and then the derm reduced it to 40mg since he didn't see the wanted effect. my skin is pretty much of exept for the HUGE cysts, my forehead is really good, and if something apperes it usually goes away pretty quickly, also my nose has nooo problems, also my chin is good, but my cheeks from the f
  14. in europe:) the Faroe Islands belong to Denmark, located somewhere in between Norway and Greenland:) of course, but I'm really in pain.. and I'm pretty scared about my face since it has worsened much lately, it has gotten really inflamed.. and I'm in week 9 of accutane:/ I'm getting really bad breakouts still and I'm only on 40mg, got reduced from 60mg about a month ago.. and It hasn't helped. Still I haven't taken Dapsone yet because the wait for the bloodtest took forever and now they don't h
  15. Yeah I tried the icing but I don't think it did anything.. so I'm gonna try the the heat thing, just trying to annoy it too much. wauw Irishgurl2009 yours really did go much down:o about the accutane, the first week I was on 20mg then it went up to 60mg (which fits well with my weight) but after a month on accutane the derm put me down on 40mg again, because I got a pretty bad rash, which spread pretty fast from my fingers to almost halfway up my arms and because they did not see the progress
  16. so I managed to sleep somewhat on my back last night.. and well, it isn't worse than yesterday but I'm keeping faaar away from it. So I talked to the nurse, my blood-test came back fine, waited for that blood-test almost for a month, but when I went to pick up the antibiotic Dapson, guess what.. there isn't any Dapson in the Faroe Islands but the pharmacy will order it, and I should have it in about 2weeks:/ but fortunatly until then I could take a course of prednisone again.. and it did wonder
  17. I get to talk to the nurse tomorrow:) so hopefully I can take prednisone again, which only tooone day to work last time and I should also get my answer back about the bloodtest so that I can start the antibiotic. I'm not getting anyway near of these, the hurt so bad even when nothing is bothering them. and about the sleeping, every time I lay on my side I wake up, gets pretty annoying through the night.. I'm definitly going to buy Ibuprofen tomorrow:) and thanx for the advice:) there is still
  18. okey thank you:) that's what I thought, but of course it may well be that I fainted because of the pain that I took the ibuprofen for in the first place. I'm definatly gonna give it a go since this is unbearable .. what is this otherwise called? this thiiiing growing on my face? really new at this bad acne kind..
  19. yeah that's very possible:p newbie and european:p but Ibuprofen, speld the same way, isn't it also for headaches and pain? or in the same category as panodil? thanx:) gonna run to the freezer straight away:p
  20. I can't get a cortisone injection right now, because there are no dermatologist in the Faroe Islands, but one will be here in two weeks, I also have an appointment then. I've already been on prednisone, which worked wonders for the pain, I also ask the nurse to forward my question about taking another course of prednisone, should get my answer on friday:/ My dose on accutane as alredy been reduced to 40mg about a month ago. about the ibuprofen, although I'm 20 I still listen to my parents b
  21. I've had trouble sleeping lately because of the huge cystc on my right cheek, feels like they're trying to take over my eye and brain.. the pain is just unberable!! would describe it as a "left-face-headache". Smiling and talking makes it really bad, and have you ever tried crying without making any expression in your face?? I've taken panodil but it doesn't work, Ibuprofen is out of the question. On the pic (the biggest shiny one to the left) is not the worst, had that one for months, but the
  22. wauw.. this was just my question and now that I see your on month 4 then I have nothing to be scared about, since I've "only" been on accutane for 2month and 1week, but its a little scary getting this bad flare-ups and not to mention SOO painful:/ I also had no problems with my skin in puberty but the last two years that changed pretty quickly. Do you have any idea what changed in your life when it started?
  23. you should ask your derm about the anitbiotics. I've been on accutane for 63 days now and my flair-up is so bad that my derm has also perscriped me Dapson, an antibiotic, as to control it.
  24. Well actually I do get about 3-4 dermotologists oppinion every time, this is how it works in the Faroe Islands, and each time I see any of these dermotologists they read through my entire file. but yeah, I also thought accutane was enough or that you shouldn't use anything else, especially not antibiotics, while on it and I can't really find anything about dapsone.. haven't started it yet, waiting for my bloodtest, apparently some rare test since they had trouble with the first time over.