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  1. Nope! I have yet to find something to get rid of them! Doc's said that Retin-A would get rid of them but they have not budged! I wonder what DOES work...
  2. I started using lemon juice with my Retin a and it seems like my white heads are turning into red pimples REALLY fast. Does lemon juice have this affect? I know Retin-a causes the purging but they are just popping up everywhere. It's a good thing but I look horrible
  3. You could try an aspirin and honey mask. Honey works to kill bacteria on the surface and aspirin cleans pores and reduces redness. Here's a great links: Aspirin Mask Reviews How to make an aspirin and honey mask.
  4. I've been on Retin-A for a little over a month and I've notices few of my whiteheads are turning into papules and pustules. Do all of the white heads turn into papules and pustules or do some of them just kind of go away. I ask this because I have about 20 white heads around my chin and the thought of each of them turning into a big red pulsing pimple is horrid. Thanks
  5. Super oily skin can be a result of having dry skin. Weird right? Well if your skin senses that the skin is too dry, it causes your body to produce sebum 10 fold. Don't use creams to moisturize your face because it'll make your face even greasier. Try finding a moisturizing gel! I use Tea Tree moisturizing gel and it works pretty good for me.
  6. Hello, I'm new to acne.org but I have been struggling with acne for 8 years. I was reading about treating my acne with omega-3's and Vitamin A which you find in Flax seed oil, fish oil, Cod liver oil, and Evening Primose oil. All have claimed to clear acne but does anyone know which one works the best? Thanks in advance.