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  1. Gets the residues off without the burn!

    I love Dickinson's Pore Perfecting Toner! I use it morning and night to make sure my face is super clean before applying any makeup or topical treatments to it. Does not over dry or cause redness/irritation.
  2. My all-time favorite!

    This dries clear on my skin. It doesn't leave a white cast on my dark skin and it doesn't interact with my makeup. This is worth every penny!
  3. Thanks so much for posting this... I've been using OCM for three weeks and my skin is 90% clear. I'm down to using BP for spot treatment. I am still using alpha-hydroxy too. My mix is 50% jojoba/50%castor oil with a drop or two of rosemary oil. Works like a charm! I posted before/after pics. The after pic has me in makeup but you can still see my skin is mostly clear. (((HUGS))) Ari
  4. Week 4: I had surgery that week. Here's how I looked the day after: Don't worry, it was elective surgery and no major thang! Week 5: I was busy recovering from previously mentioned surgery! This was taken the middle of last week: Week 6: I have stuck to the regimen and I'm loving the results. I took this earlier;sans makeup:
  5. Thank you so much! How are your supplies working out? Ari
  6. I'm tired and I've been sick as a dog since last week! I was drying out and getting itchy so I cut down on the BP. My regimen is listed in the signature below. I'm so grumpy and I can't breathe :fail: This was taken earlier tonight: All zits I had when starting the regimen are gone! The two resistant zits that remained are finally going away after 3 weeks. Now, a few tiny bumps popped up on my chin, jaw, and hairline tonight so I'm going to wash and put BP on those areas. Now to deal
  7. I just found this board. This msg board is right up my alley, LOL! Anyway, have you considered Aromaleigh Mineral make-up? It's bismuth-free. Most people who have issues with mineral makeup use brands containing bismuth. It does contain mica. Check out the FAQ page and see... Now, I suggest getting samples of Voile (which is better for oilier skin) or Glissade (which is better for those with skin on the dryer side) I'm totally happy with it! HTH, Ariella
  8. ITA, with the mascara tips! I have a question... I went to the Tweezerman website. I found the Pocket Curler is this what you are talking about? I usually don't bother with a traditional eyelasher curler because they are pinchy. That's why I rely heavily on a decent mascara.
  9. Honestly, my all-time fav is Sephora's Atomic Volume Mascara. I got a sample of it and got hooked because one pass was all I needed. The comb on the brush separated the lashes perfectly. I love that brush!! However, the only drugstore brand that might duplicate those results, IMHO, is Rimmel. I like the straight brushes w/the comb because I have more control and can get to the smaller lashes.
  10. Thanks so much! Acne is a roller coaster by nature. Unfortunately, it's not a thrill ride, LOL! Ariella
  11. Thanks for the reply! I ended up taking a couple of days off the BP. Then, I used a fingertip on problem areas while the red, flaky pieces healed up. I put on the Cetaphil lotion and the dry patches cleared up quickly. thanks so much!
  12. Thanks for the heads up. What I ended up doing is taking a couple days off of the BP while using Cetaphil's Moisterizing Lotion. At night, I added jojoba oil to particularly dry patches. I realized I was using the full dosage of BP (dee, dee, dee!) So I cut it down to a fingertip and gradually upped it to my current one finger load. Thanks, Ariella
  13. Well, I just registered and I have to tell you I already see a difference. Photo: I am wearing Aromaleigh mineral makeup and pixi lip booster in Sindri.
  14. Please help! I'm on week 2 of the Regimen. I'm using Neutrogena's on the spot Bp cream. However, I'm having issues. The burning/itching aside, I find that Neutrogena is leaving my dark side looking ashy (greyish and ghostly.) It also gets clumpy. I can't order online. So what U.S. alternatives do you suggest? I was thinking of using Neutrogena's Rapid Clear but it's smaller and more $$. Also, I saw that it only has 2% BP, which I'm not sure will be effective enough. I'm at a loss! T