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  1. I had a lot of luck with the old blue tubes and the BP product before THAT, but when I started using the white 'pump' bottle of BP I started breaking out. I persevered for 3 months blaming it on just a 'bad run' of acne and faithfully did the 'regime' - but I just kept getting worse and worse until I was 75% covered. I finally gave up and called a dermatologist and got an appointment 4 weeks out. In the mean time I stopped BP started putting AHA on my face and using the 'blue/red' light therap
  2. I just received my 'Amjo's LOW Price', (only $270.00 plus $25.00 S&H) Kern's blue/red light from Beautyskin USA about a week ago. (If I paid too much, I don't wanna hear it, darn it.) There was a tube of Aloe Lips, lip balm in the box. The separate flyer instructed me to use the lip balm on the acne spots after I washed my face and before I used the light. What? What?? I haven't seen this discussed before ... so I skipped that step for the first 5 or so nights. But for grins tonight, I pu