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  1. You should consider accutane,a few dose !
  2. There is an important relation with mood!And less relation to diet !
  3. I am an asian!My acne is so bad,BUT When i watch prgrams on europe and America stuff they always have clear skin... i don't understand...
  4. I want to know the tane during surgical! scar easily?
  5. If i got a herpes,and it breaks out continually,can i use the accutane?Actually, i had the accutane 4years ago and it had cleared my acne till 2006 then they came back,and now i get herpes,it makes my skin have little cut every month ,i dont want to get some scars but i heard about the accutane can make your skin weakly and get scar easily...Should i take the accutane once again?At the same time,i want to know the effect about accutane of the second course,as perfect as the first time?? Thank yo