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  1. Background Information: Started Regimen Aug 2004, took awhile but it finally worked and KEPT WORKING until early February. At this point I was dumb and didn't wanna keep applying bp cuz it took so much time, and I just HAPPENED to read the "water-only" method...so I switched to that....my pimples came back but much smaller and came and went a lot quicker. Did this for about 2 months. Beginning of April 2005, then for some strange reason I was like "eh I might as well use what has worked, so I
  2. how long did it take you to realize scarzone was working?
  3. i know exactly what you mean. im not sure why, but red marks are always redder in the evening..along with oil production. anyone have scientific results for this? i feel like a dumbass haha.
  4. I've tried Proactiv's skin lightening lotion, didn't do much. i've heard of that new neutrogena scar fading thing.. do any of these work well?
  5. I was just curious as to how long it takes for this medication to kick in and be effective. So far I've been on it about a week and it's barely doing anything...I thought the oral medications were supposed to be really strong. On top of this I'm using tretonin and clindamycin phosphate and not noticing too much of a change.
  6. So I was using the Regimen..and it was working AWESOME. I was clear for almost 4 months, but then I got tired of doing it all the time and I thought I just somehow cleared up naturally. So I stopped using it, and then I read about the water-only and vinegar at night treatment which I tried doing for the next two months. Not much got accomplished after that...and now after 5 weeks into starting the Regimen again my face is pretty bad. They're all these annoying little whiteheads that were in its
  7. What do you guys think of this program. read carefully http://acneyoda.com/index.php
  8. i don't grow much facial hair either...then again, I'm Asian.
  9. man that sucks. i dunno, i still find it very hard to believe...but that sucks....i thought i could totally stop doing the whole 15min face prep every morning. oh well.
  10. So i heard that the Acne that is visible on your face actually formed 2 weeks prior...is that true? Cause I recently stopped using the regimen about 2 weeks ago cause i thought i didn't really need it and i wanted to simplify things and now they're poppin back up like wh0a. dammit...so the stage is not over.
  11. i'm not sure what to say in response for Tyler D, but the only "bad" part of this regimen is that i can't get rid of these friggin red marks and scars. my mom was even like "i think in 5 or 6 years you should get surgery to get rid of your holes." wtfreak! although my face isn't perfect...my "holes' aren't even that bad. that's hella money to fix a face. any other way of getting rid of these battle scars?
  12. This thread won't do much but encourage some of you, and it may disappoint some of you...but I'm doing this simply in appreciation of Dan and his Regimen. It took about a full 2 months before my skin started clearing up (a bunch of huge whiteheads during those 2 months), but soon no more pimples formed on my face...and even if it seemed like some were going to form, they were maintained well and were prevented from becoming any worse in only a matter of a day or two. I know some of you are si
  13. Do you HAVE to rub and massage the BP in gently and slowly as Dan does in his video? I know wanting clear skin from this Regimen takes a lot of patience, but in the busy life of a college student, time isn't always on one's side. Especially when you're with all your boys and they gotta wait for you to "do your face". Would the results yield similar results if I massage it a little quicker in?
  14. if that's true, i'm guessin that this thread really sucks for teh women.