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  1. I had a pretty bad initial breakout for a few weeks. Now I'm down to only two pimples or so on my whole face, yay!
  2. This is a little trick I've been doing to give myself motivation. I edit the acne out of my pictures, thus giving me what I believe I will look like in a few months (I'm on Accutane). If you don't know how to digitally remove your acne, feel free to post a picture of yourself and I will digitally remove your acne Feel free to remain anonymous and censor out your eyes, etc.
  3. Although I couldn't realistically do this, I would absolutely love to hide out for a few months. I've just started Accutane and my skin is worse than ever. I'm down as long as we have a weight room and constant dim-lighting, as to make us feel more secure. My girlfriend might wonder where I am, though.