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  1. Should I get either.. Flax seed oil aswell and fish oil tablets?
  2. Going food shopping later on today.Feel free to add any thing that will help me rid me of my acne. 1.Apples 2.Apricots 3.Fish oil All I had planned to get.
  3. Thank you boys came out in style!!! What type of fruits would be best to eat alot of in a day.I'm trying to do a three day cleanse ( I have been binge eating!!! so I need a cleanse badly). Also great list and yeah Ezekiel muffins rock Going shopping so I'm basically looking for some products that can help acne and stuff to buy. Also I forgot to say I'm a on and off again vegetarian,But starting today I plan on not binge eating when I get home and stay on my diet!
  4. Going shopping tommorow I need to know what should I buy at the grocery store.I work tommorow in the afternoon hopefully I can go shopping before. All help needed!
  5. Ok basically I have been trying to maintain a healthy diet this past week.Every day I start off good by drinking alot of water and letting my body digest.Then towards the end of the day I just start binge eating what ever is in my house.Really bad stuff like 8 slices of pizza! Tonight that is what I ate. So this is what I need it for.I lift weights I'm just trying to get cut and toned not heavy lifting type body.Like a boxer type of a body.I need to know which foods will not effect my acne but
  6. Mira mija... We don't care how girls look like with out make up.My ex was the same way.She actually look better with out make up. So don't sweat it.
  7. Going to have to try this.Can you simplify a list on what we would need and how we would use it in your regimen?
  8. Eat the Paleo Diet: No grains, dairy, beans, or soy; eat foods high in protein, vegetables, fruits (especially berries), nuts, and omega fats. Eat only whole foods are high in fiber and low in sugar. Saw palmetto (an herb derived from the dried, ripe berry of the American dwarf palm); 320 mgcapsule. Or use Clearogen (www.clearogen.com). Both are used to balance hormones. Zinc: 30 mg two or three times a day, use 30 mg for maintenance. Essential fatty acid supplement or fish oil. GLA (gamma
  9. Doing this bright and early tommorow!!
  10. Can you give us a run down on what you would eat in a normal day on this diet.
  11. What other brands can I get.Can I apply cod liver oil or fish oil?
  12. Where can I five finger discount a enema kit? CVS? Also I have the money lol my financial aid money came in Ok the second day I stuck to the diet.But I did have one glass of mango juice (with some milk in it) smoothie that my grandmother made.I couldn't help my self!!! But I ate over 15 apples and drank a crap load of water. Where can I get a enema kit in the US? Also the oil for the face I went to vitamin shoppe and they didint have it.
  13. Ok guys I just came back from the grocery store.Bought a crap load of apples.So far I have stuck to my diet.Plenty of water and apples.First day went great guys. Now due to my funds or lack there of ahaha I can't buy the enema kit just yet Just got a new job at Best Buy. Any way I'm doing Dan's regimen along with the three day apple/water fast..Lets see how it goes guys...
  14. Thanks bro.Should I continue taking fish oil and zinc aswell? Also what type of protein do you take for weight training? I have been eating meat the past two weeks and alot of fat food.I went from 147 to 160 pounds in that time.All muscle though.But my acne has exploded