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  1. regarding dans travel size 2 once products. is there a way to pop off the top, put more cleanser in, and put the top back on it. I would rather purchase a 16oz bottle and a 2oz bottle, that way when i do travel, i can just put some cleanser in from my 16oz into the 2 oz. does this work!? Thanks!
  2. Why wouldn't he go on the regimen? Just because you are partially clear doesn't mean it wont work for him. I looked a lot like that a few months ago. I went on the regimen, changed my eating habits and started some zinc and vitamin b and fish oil. My face is very clear as of right now. I get an occasional blemish, but it clears a lot faster then before. go on the regimen and stay on it for at least 3 months to see what you think. post results. people like to hear!
  3. I purchased dans Alpha Hydroxy Acid. I am on the regimen, and my face is clear. I do have a lot of black heads on my nose. Nothing noticeable unless your are really close to my face. So if i start to use AHA on my nose, how will that bring them to the surface? Will i break out? or do they just gradually come out? Thanks!
  4. sometimes when you try to push a pimple out. it ends up going the opposite way..... deeper into your skin. which takes longer to heal, and now is 10 times bigger. that is why this forum says try not to pop your pimples.. and if you have to... only pop it if its a white head.. read. poping a pimple at the top
  5. do not wear makeup. your derm needs to see your face without cover up on. then they will be able to assess your situation. I would describe my symptoms and see what they say it is. if they never say its rosacea, then ask them if they think it is. they are the expert..
  6. Id say think about what is the difference in your day to day routine now, compared to basic training? 1. Did you drink pop or sweets while you were at basic training? 2. what type of food were you eating? most likely it was bland with no sugars, dressings? 3. where you drinking a lot more water? that will flush out your toxins 4. exercise can greatly reduce stress, and help with acne. I think dans regimen is far better then pro-activ. I also take zinc supplements, fish oil, vitamin E
  7. if you are working well with the regimen.. then keep it up... try doing your morning wake up routine while mixing the regimen in between that... example..... Wake up... wash your face as soon as you wake up. Go eat - which should take 5 - 15 minutes Apply BP Get dressed, do your hair, brush teeth which will take 5 - 15 minutes Apply moisturizer and leave the house If you do the regimen, it should not make it late for school, just get some things done in between instead of standing in
  8. I only get a few pimples every now and then. I would get one white head here and there.. and then boom, big cysts. I started the regimen and i noticed a difference. My skin heals faster, and i dont have as many pimples and cysts. But i also started taking b-complex, vitamin E, fish pills, zinc... no dairy or cheese. And i started this all at the same time.. So i am not sure what is helping more. but i would say to try the complete regimen for 2 months and see what you think
  9. click on the "get clear" link at the top and go through each link one by one. it may take an hour to read everything. but it is well worth it. you will learn a lot about the products and about this site. I bought different products at the stores that this site said was OK. but i ended up buying Dans product in the end. these products are way better so far. just follow the regimen step by step and give it a month or two until you see results. I think they are 100% guaranteed. so if you
  10. I would try his regimen. its been working pretty good for me. its been 6 weeks on it. and it seems to work well. you have to give it time and follow his videos. click on the "get clear" section of the website and go through each page. you will learn alot. I also take 50 mg of zinc, vitamin E, omega 3 pills, and b-complex. it seems to hear my acne and scars faster then when i wasnt taking these vitamins
  11. maybe take some ibuprofen.. but do not touch it.. it will make it worse!
  12. Hello, Try reading over this article. http://www.acne.org/habit-reversal.html It may help. Picking never helps. and i am trying to stop also!
  13. It says 100% pure. Should i buy this one or is the one thats for sale on drugstore.com any different? has anyone used this one before? http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?produ...ba+oil&sr=1
  14. if you can buy it. try neutrogena extra gentle cleanser face wash. 3% bp is not a big difference from 2.5%bp. and for lotion use olay complete all day moisture lotion spf 15. Or try searching for products on the supply page http://www.acne.org/findingsupplies.php if you can find your own in the store. See what other people think of it http://www.acne.org/rate.php try getting rid of the toner for a while and see what that does to your face. or you may be allegic so one of your current
  15. Try starting here. http://www.acne.org/regimen.html Watch all three videos, and then go to the product page to see what products are good to use. I just bought neutogena extra gentle cleanser, acne.org benzol peroxide, and olay complete moisture. So far everything is going good. But you need to try it for at least a month to see what works for you. no dairy, no pop, no iodine!