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  1. Your lucky yours is mild.... proactiv will probably clear you up in like 1-2 weeks and you wont get any new spots while your on it most likely. does anyone know if the ingredient allantoin helps plump skin and smooth scars? i heard thats the purpose of allantoin in proactiv toner, but im not really sure. my scarring has become alot less obvious while on it, but i dont know because it could be just healing over time.
  2. I've actually heard alot of people say that... about skin adapting to proactiv and building a tolerance to it. That's never happened to me, or at least i hasn't yet, and ive been using it the right way for about 2 months now. The only problem with Proactiv is that when you first start it, the scrub and bp work together to bring everything up to the surface of your skin, so the first two weeks or so of using it aren't too pretty. For me, its only gotten better from there though. Proactiv actuall
  3. mine is moderate, i do get cysts from time to time but mostly smaller zits, never really whiteheads. im not really sure how to classify it. what are you using to apply the toner?
  4. DONT GET MICRODERM im sorry i dont mean to discourage you or anything but i did microderm for my fairly shallow pitted scars and it DIDNT. DO. ANYTHING. in fact it made my face hyperpigment in areas i broke out in while going through treatment. 5 treatments cost me 500 bucks all for nothing, i didn't see any results. Ive actually gotten better results with neutrogena advanced solutions face peel, which is about 490 dollars cheaper... needless to say my scars didn't go away at all and it was a co
  5. The toner can sting a little at first, if your skin isn't used to it's ingredients, but I would try and use a moisturizer afterwards and always include the toner in your routine. As far as the moisturizer, I use Neutogena oil free moisture for sensitive skin, which doesnt make me break out at all. The toner has glycolic acid in it, which is really, really great for fading scars and even making them more shallow because of its exfoliating properties, so skipping it would make you lose those bene
  6. Not too long ago I was speaking out against proactiv because i felt it had limited effectiveness and didn't ship as often as it should have. After having someone explain to me that I wasn't using it correctly, I realized that's why I wasnt getting results. Now I know that my admitting that I wasn't using proactiv correctly must sound ridulculously lame, because how could you screw up simply washing, toning and treating your face, right? Well, you can. As far as Proactiv goes, the cleanser need
  7. Teepot


    I STILL HAVENT GOTTEN my freakin shipment of proactiv. this is horrible. ive been out of everything for nearly two weeks now. im sick and tired of waiting... and my skin is paying dearly for it!!!
  8. Teepot


    well i'm sorry you disagree, but i suppose proactiv is just not the thing for me. i suppose some of my lack of success can be contributed to the fact that I go through long drawn out in between stages of proactiv where i don't get my freakin shipment for FOREVER. no matter how little i could possibly use with it still being effective, i always run out of all three products before my next shipment arrives. the in between stages just make me break out tons because my face adpats to proactiv and no
  9. I'm sorry it made you break out more... it could be one of those kinds of foundations that require a little getting used to, because it is a bit on the heavy side. And yes, I believe they do sell the Prescriptives brand in England, if not you can buy it on www.prescriptives.com.
  10. I have finally found my holy grail foundation. its the best foundation i think ive ever had... it is completely non-comedgenic... it lasts all day no matter what... the coverage is SPECTACULAR... and its never cakey and looks natural. its called prescriptives virtual matte foundation. its is a bit pricey at $35 a bottle, but its WORTH IT!!!! It covers up all my red marks and actually blends right over my scars, smoothing them out instead of sinking into them like most foundations do. people tell
  11. There's one thing i don't understand... i checked out the line of dermablend products and the ingredients showed mineral oil and beeswax on all of their products... two of the worse, pore-clogging things you can possibly put on your face. does demablend have a line that doesn't contain these ingredients?
  12. Teepot


    OKAY. so much to update on. Proactiv... NO MORE. way too expensive and doesn't do jack. well okay maybe if i wasn't using it I'd be worse but proactiv CLAIMS to make users completely clear withhin 60 days or money back. and its been 60 days.... and no results. the thing is with proactiv, it combines ingredients together that you couldn't find together in the drugstore... for instance, allantoin, which is supposed to build collagen(hence the claim that proactiv fades and erases scars)and glycol
  13. Its extremely strange I know, but my skin has become so accustomed to wearing makeup it BREAKS OUT WORSE when i don't wear any. every time i go a day or so without any makeup on i have a terrible breakout. i recently tried your same expirement.... i went without makeup for a whole week and my skin did not improve in the least. in fact, it got worse. so maybe if you have been using makeup for a long time, itd be a better idea just to stick with it.
  14. Teepot


    Okay I think that about now I've given enough Proactiv enough time to "work it's magic" and it hasn't. I have THE HUGEST ZIT right underneath my eye area and it's totally unsightly. Did Proactiv help to combat it in the first place, reduce current inflammation or help it heal? NOT IN THE LEAST. I'm having such a bad breakout that tonight I passed up on going out. I knew I shouldn't have done it but I at least want to wait for it to heal a bit. All tommrow is going to be downtime since I am goi
  15. I am absolutely loyal to perscriptive's foundation brush, which is about $30. Supposedly it's one of the best ones out there. It gives my foundation a really natural, glowy look and makes it so easy to apply.