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  1. Hi, I'm on day 7 myself, taking 40mg a day for 4 months, so we're pretty much in the same boat here. I can relate to not wanting to wait 4 months for clear skin, but I figure hey I've had bad skin for 15 years so 4 months is a walk in the park (especially when you have people on this forum who have been through it). I've only had 2 new actives since I started, but my Derm started me on Finacea and Doryx for 1 month before the Tane, so my face had pretty much dried up except for the scarring.
  2. Day 6 Not to bad overall.. Dry patches on my cheeks, which is my worst area. some flaking Skin still oily in certain areas nose feels a little swollen(?) some body aches dry lips Overall condition I had a cyst pop up out of no where on my right cheek and progressively get worse through the day until it looked as if it would pop, then all of a sudden this morning it had suddenly went down dramatically! but the bad news is now I have one forming on my left cheek. I'm keeping a very positive att
  3. Good luck with round 2! by the way did the acne just gradually start to come back or was it just a quick outbreak? I guess I'm trying to understand why it comes back for some and not others..Thanks
  4. Hi Megan, I started just a few days before you, so it seems as if we can be "Tane Partners" and share progress/horror stories. I stated Oct. 6th so we're pretty much on the same page as far as side effects. (check my post, I have pics). N E way, I can relate as far as acne changing who you really are. I have Moderate acne (most days) so for the most part I can cover mine up with make up and look fairly decent but I can't walk around with make-up on 24 hours a day, so for instance if I'm just run
  5. DAY 5 I'm starting to have that "what did I get myself into" feeling. I washed my face last night and I noticed some slight peeling and then it burned like hell when I washed it. Also my cheeks are taking on the texture of a wall, you that rough slightly bumpy look..I have redness and it feels tight. The things we do to rid Acne (sigh)
  6. I have Pre-Tane Pics!! brace yourself..it looks horrible (UGH) Can't wait til this is over.. I'll be taking pic's monthly to gauge any progress...only 4 months to go! Day 4 - Right cheek - Left Cheek - Only spot with no issues - Fairly clear also It's been 4 days on Tane and I already see small impurities coming to the surface..I am so scared my IB will be horrible!
  7. Anybody else have itchiness?? I just wanna scratch my whole face!!
  8. NiceDream, Hve you heard anything about fish oil? I've see it on a few posts and i was owndering what it's for..Also the apple cider vinegar, I think it's for the red spots but I was wondering if it needs to be diluted or what. I don't wanna make the disisater worse..HELP! PS- Sound like your Tane is taking a turn for the better..Can't wait til it over (Sigh)
  9. What's the fish oil for? Also I've been reading some logs where other "Tane" users reccomend apple cider vinegar. Is that for scars? does it work?
  10. Day 4 Ok help me out guys, I know this must be related to the Tane but I have to ask. I woke up with night sweats, it felt like it was 100 degrees in my room (I'm always cold)and I just couldn't get comfortable. Then this morning my face felt/looked a little swollen and tight but still oily(?). My lips are a desert of course, but I'm dealing with that. I do however have 3 whites heads on my left cheek and one on my right, along with a little flakiness and I never get white heads, so I'm figu
  11. Another question: i'm sure some of you have used blue/red light treatment. I'm wondering if this is OK on accutane (I'd mainly want to do the red light since its supposedly anti-inflammatory and just has an overall good effect on the skin)? Is it the UV light that we have to avoid (which would make blue/red ok) or should i just scrap this notion all together?
  12. I'm right here with you, I just started also and I think I'm freaking myself out way more that the pill ever could. I'm looking ofr signs of deperession and everything already, so I guess doing your research has it's good and bad side, because I know what can happen it's almost like I'm expecting it to! I have been tired too, but I guess that's to be expected in the beginning with your body adjusting and all. I did tell the people closest to me that I was on Accutane so they can snap me out of i
  13. Day 3 Nothing much to report, my skin feels more oily than usual and my lips are dry. Also I have a slight but persistant headache.
  14. Hello all. I'm on day 2 of Accutane. To be totally honest, I had never heard of it until my Derm suggested we try it, so I did my research (by lurking around this site!) and decided to give it a try. I've read the horror stories and I'm terrified of the IB but I feel as if this is a last resort for me. I've had acne for the last 15 years, it's gotten a little better as I've gotten older (33) but I still feel like a teenager, not wanting to leave the house, or go to work and I feel like everyone