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  1. I'm stalking your post to see how you do with your new dosage as far as mood swings, etc..Mine will be upped on 11/13 and I don't think my family could take anymore bitchiness from me. I may end up homeless! Beautiful skin with no place to live..(Hey I can live with that)
  2. Well good luck..I'm trying to be stong but my it's really hard when your face looks a mess. I feel like some of the earlier posts here where people said their faces look worse than when they started. Some of my acne has cleared, as well as some old brown spots but it seems as if I just traded them off for dry lips, flaky skin and muscle aches. I absolutely swear that if I hadn't found this site (by accident) there is NO WAY I would have continued treatment because nothing your derm can say will
  3. From the album: The Beginning of the end (Of Acne)

    2 weeks in not much progress..
  4. Here's a pic of the dreaded light patch!! if look near my ear, that's my actual color. As you can see it's only on my acne area which leads me to believe that my skin in weaker in that spot, which is why it turned much lighter, much quicker. Sigh..what to do??
  5. OK, Ok you got me, I no longer feel like a bitch today!! You have given me the fuel I need to continue, Thank you, your pics are awesome!! I guess I'll go put ice on my face and daydream about the day my face looks half as good as your does in those pics!! That's why I love this Forum!!
  6. Day 18 Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse....... Croc lady still resides on my face and guess what? she's invited friends! Yea now I have light patches on my damn face! WTF??..my left cheek is lighter than the rest of my face! I use bleaching cream (per my derm's script) but I put it on my entire face, not just certain areas. I'm no expert but I'm thinking that maybe my skin is more sensitive in that area, so it just lightened more quickly than the rest? either way it sucks cuz
  7. lwa, I felt the same way at first, I thought I would be the exception to the rule and accutane would not work for me like it does for everyone else, but here I am on day 18 and it's almost like I jinxed myself, my face is so dry now, I can't keep enough moisturizer on it! it's peeling and red and sore but I know it's working now. Just hang in there, your day is coming. You're gonna wake up one morning and wonder where all the oil went! We just have to be patient and understand that this stuff
  8. Thanks Laura, it makes me feel a little better to know that "maybe" this treatment is working quickly for me. I did notice from reading other posts that I did seem to dry out pretty quickly compared to others. Although I complain about the effects of tane, it still feels good to know that there's a little war going on under my skin and although it feels like the acne is winning right now the long term champion will be the accutane= clearskin= happy me!!
  9. Good luck with round 2.. I know it sucks to do it again, but at least you know what's in store..This experience is definitely taking it's toll on me..I only in my first month and I so want it to be over already..
  10. Not even sure what day I'm on anymore..that's the least of my worries anyway. The last 2 days have been pure HELL with my face. I went from having a nice calm face, mild dryness to the damn Sahara desert!! It's flaky as a pillsbury biscut, dry as sand and to top all that, it fucking hurts when I wash it...oh yea moisturizer??? forget about it, it stung so bad it felt like I poured alcohol in an open wound. All I could do was stand there in the mirror, speechless (in 2 much pain to yell) and wa
  11. How are things on your end? haven't seen a post from you in a few days.
  12. I've heard alot about the tea tree oil. Exactly what's it for? the red spots or the blemishes?
  13. Day 13 This stuff is realy something else! So I wake up this morning and literally 1/2 the actives I had just yesterday are gone! no red marks, no nothing, they just disappeared in the night.. I know there are more to come but I'm not discouraged if they continue to leave this quickly. I had a doozy forming under my nose and that's even going away. I know tane pushes everything to the surface but the turn around time on them is much quicker than before I started the medication. I also found
  14. The headaches are normal, I had one for the first 2 days and haven't had one since. I'm on day 12 now so I think my body is adjusting fairly well, I still get occasional body aches and I seem to be tired more often, but I've adjusted my sleep schedule and that seemed to help. One thing that you WILL get that doesn't go away is the dry lips, it's so annoying to me, I have stashed carmex in the following places: My Truck, nightstand, purse, the kitchen drawer, desk at work and of course the comput
  15. Day 12 I think I'm having my IB! I woke up to about 7 small actives on my right cheek and 7-8 on the left. The crazy part is the surrounding areas look rough, it's hard to describe but it's almost like my skin has taken on this bumpy road look(?) like theres alot brewing under the surface. I'm surprised that I'm taking it as well as I am because I was so scared of the IB in the beginning, it's almost like a relief to know it's starting because the sooner it starts the sooner it can be over!
  16. Okay I finally figured out to post the pics here..These are pre-tane pics..Most of my issues consist of Hyper-pigmentation.I have ALOT of Brown spots my Derm also has me using a bleaching cream which is pretty greasy that I use instead of moisturizer...Will post updates every month right_cheek.bmp right cheek left_cheek.bmp Left cheek forehead.bmp Forehead- No isues here for some reason chin.bmp Some white/blacheads right_cheek.bmp left_cheek.bmp forehead.bmp chin.bmp
  17. Day 11 My face was so flaky last night, I wanted to leave work. Everytime I looked in the mirror there were new flakes above my lip and on my cheeks. How embarassing! I kept my focus though and kept telling myself it's for a greater good..I felt like saying "Yea go ahead and stare everybody! I'm gonna be pretty in a few months!" but instead I just kept sneaking to the bathroom to watch my face deteriorate right before my eyes. I swear.. I got no work done and it felt like everyone who came to s
  18. I try to consider this "hell" a small price to pay for the outcome, assuming we all get what we want. My family tries to be supportive but I know they really don't understand, my husband has "cover girl" skin, never a blemish..EVER and my daughter thinks I either have the chiken pox or mosquito bites, which ever she feels like saying at the moment. Kids are so honest, when I get a new pimple she always asks if I need the pink stuff (calamine lotion) or the white stuff (cortizone cream)! I just l
  19. Hi Hopingitworks, First off..welcome to the club, I'm on day 10 of accutane and it's definitely an experience! but yes I was on Doryx for 1 month along with Finacea and it helped to clear my face before the tane treatment (I also heard it helps keep you IB from being too bad). I discontinued the antibiotics the very day I started tane, so you may want to just check with your derm on that one.
  20. Nice Dream, Sounds like at least you're in good spirits! hey this tane is definetly a roller coaster ride, as soon as I think "hey I might be one of the lucky ones" I look in the mirror and I look like part woman, part crocodile! I wanna scream, sometimes it hurts to smile because my upper lip is chaffing and sore. I just keep chanting "4 more months, 4 more months" I didn't even realize I was saying the shit out loud until my daughter started laughing and said " 4 more months til what mommy?
  21. Day 10 Can you say DRY?? I woke up and my face felt like I had a mask on! especially in problem areas. All the actives seems to be drying up niclely, although I'm left with a desert on my skin. I tried the baby brush method today, just rubbing gently with my neutrogena soap and I must say it worked wonderfully to remove most of the flakes. I'm still impressed with how the tane is working, even with the side effects. Other than that no new actives, my cheeks are lightening hella quick with the
  22. Hey Styles! You and I have all the same symptoms! I woke up twice last night to an intcy scalp, it was so annoying. My nose feels like a desert and right under my nose is very red and raw feeling. I've also noticed alot of small white headish type bumps, but they disappear the next day, so I guess it's our faces pushing all the "gunk" out? I don't care as long as it's working. I understand totally what you mean when you say "accutane police". I feel like this.. if your acne alters your mood, m
  23. So far so good..on day 9 and my face is so sensitive, even to the touch in some areas. My vision is blurry at times and i'm tired at lot but I heard most of these symptoms should disappear in a few weeks. Other than taht no IB yet and my skin actually looks better!