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  1. Day 64.... 1/2 way mark Hello all, It's been a minute since I've logged but with holidays approaching and work, I haven't had much time, so I'm dedicating this evening to catching up with my Accutane family. So much has happened since I last wrote, I had 2 of the BIGGEST actives on my face, I'm talking guiness book here..and the icing on the cake was they were literally right next to each other, above my lip in the "Herpe" area!! I was overcome with embarassment and they took forever to calm d
  2. Actually after about 2 weeks things calmed down alot on 80mg so at this point it's not so bad. I'm glad I was bumped up just because I know it'll speed up the treatment process, because I'm so ready for all of this to be over. I believe the Rx for the ib helped because I never had a really nasty break out, I would say the ib I had being bumped from 40mg to 80mg was worse...Good Luck
  3. Accutaneplz, You gotta be more patient, you're gonna drive yourself crazy. It is a powerful drug but it does not work overnight. If it did why would our Derms put us on 4-6 month plans? Everyone is different but after reading a few logs you'll see that no one really sees steady improvement until the end of month 1 to early month 2. I'm in my 2nd month and I'm still getting break outs, I have my days when I wanna scream but I know that in the next few months, things will get better and whether
  4. Day 52 Well Croc lady is back and she's madder than hell! My face has turned on me. It's red and irritated and dry and peeling all at the same time. The corners of my mouth are still slightly cracked and hurting. Over this past week I think I've went through an entire tube of carmex and I can't keep enough of it on, I know I look silly, because I have that shit smeared all over my lips..and not neatly either, don't care..trying to solve a problem here. To top it all off, I have 2 big actives,
  5. I just went throught the same thing on Accutane, just a weeks ago actually. My cheeks got really light, almost like vitaligo. I saw my derm and she said that it happens somtimes because some areas of your skin are more sensitive than others and they just react faster to the Tane, but it would eventually even out. She was right and my face is doing much better, my skin tone is looking much better and my skin tone is looking 100% better, so don't panic things will get better! I posted pics on my l
  6. 40mg is about average to start, I started on 40 and have just recently moved up to 80mg. Believe me you will feel the effects of 40mg!!
  7. hey, I'm 34 and I'm 47 days in, it's tough but definitley worth it!! If your husband is going to support you, I say go for it, this site is great support and you'll be able to grade your symptoms/progress..Good luck!
  8. Day 46 Rough week folks..The 80mg finally kicked in and my lips were the first thing to cave..They were so dry I wanted to cry, NOTHING helped and anything I did put on them lasted 15-20 minutes at the most, they became cracked in the corners and it hurt to smile or open my mouth to eat anything. I was miserable, I finally resorted to holding a warm wet rag to them every so often for moisture and applying Neosporin. Why the hell does tane dry your lips like that anyway?? My face became a tight
  9. Day 42 So far so good on the 80mg, the few actives I had have pretty much dried up. In my earlier post I mentioned that my Derm gave me a Rx for something called Extina to pull the bumps from under the skin, well I don't know exactly how it works but those suckers are just disappearing!! my skin is looking so much smoother! The bumps aren't even hitting the surface, so I'll be sure to add that to my arsenal for post-tane treatment. I have noticed mor blackheads surfacing though, but they are
  10. Hey, where you at?? Keep the motivation coming! My dosage has been increased and to say I'm scared is a understatment! I'm on day 2 of 80mg, so far so good but I'm waiting on that IB, I still don't feel like I've had it. I have some current actives now (drying nicely) but nothing compared to what I've read here. I had to stop the HQ 4% because it was making my skin tone really uneven. Also my derm gave me a script for a foam called Extina to help with the underlying bumps before they hit the sur
  11. From the album: The Beginning of the end (Of Acne)

    One month in-Left cheek..I only get shots of these areas because these are my only problem areas
  12. Day 38 Had my Derm appt. yesterday, got bumped from 40mg to 80mg!! Now we got the ball rolling. My blood work came back really well and she was happy with the results of the tane so far but she did tell me to stop the HQ cream because certain parts of my face are lighter than they should be. She said I looked to be a little further along than expected (which was exciting to me) and I should be coming off the tane in 4 months instead of six, depending on how my body reacts to the 80mg. She did n
  13. Hopingit works, It took about a week for me to really notice the drying of my face and my skin sounds just like yours, I was constantly doing spot checks for oil whenever I went out, so this is really different for me. I apply makeup just once a day and I never get oily anymore, I actually use moisturizer now, which was once unheard of. As far as the blackheads go, this is something I need an answer to also, because I currently have about five that have not fallen out and they surfaced about a
  14. Day 36 It's been a minute since I've posted only because I've really had no new developments. I don't know if that's good or not. My peeling had calmed down drastically and except for my lips, I really have no complaints. I have a few blackheads that have pushed themselves to the surface and don't seem to want to leave, I don't want to pick but I'm sick of looking at them, it's about 5 of them grouped together. I see my Derm on the 5th, so I guess I'll ask her about them, maybe she can extract
  15. Day 22 Been a few days since my last post, only because nothing much to report, so far so good! The baby brush method along with the aloe mixed with tea tree oil is keeping "Croc Woman" at bay (for now). It's funny because I have both my sisters and my mom using the baby brush method for their skin and they love it. They have "normal" skin but they like the smothness it gives them, this is definitely one thing I will continue long after tane. Although my tiredness has subsided, my eyes are dry
  16. Lee, I was actually only on Doryx a month before the tane..My derm suggested I go that route to keep my IB down and I must admit I'm on day 22 and it's been a walk in the park compared to some I've seen here. (fingers Crossed) How long have you been on tane?
  17. Hi Cosette, I can only give you advice based on my own experience, I don't know much about how progesterone affects acne, so my 1st question would be is it permanent or if you stop, will acne return? That was one of the big deciding factors for me going with tane. I don't want to apply creams and gels and such to my skin for the rest of my life and so far tane is the only solution for that. I was also very skeptical about Accutane, I did my research and stalked this site a bit before making my
  18. Glad to see things going ok for you..except for extremely dry eyes, alls calm on my accutane front as well! 1 day closer to clear skin!!
  19. Day 19 Feeling a little better after speaking to a few fellow "Taners" on the log, knowing your not alone makes it so much easier to cope. My face is still really tight and dry but I've started to mix my moisturizer with tea tree oil and that seems to help with the flaking, I've also begun to use the baby brush method about every other day, so far so good. I still have terrible flakes when I wake up, but I'm dealing. I was talking to my sister about my skin and she has Eczema and she was telli
  20. I thought I was only one who felt that way about moisturizer! I never used it, I always felt like my face was oily enough and doesn't that cause the acne, so why add more? I purchased moisturizer when I started tane but just recently started using it because I could no longer deal with the tight dry feeling and all the flaking and I'm happy to report that it seems to be working out pretty well. My conclusion? because our skin is so dry now, we have to balance it out, thus puting mor moisture bac
  21. Thats my girl! How is the 4% HQ coming along? I comtemplated using that at one point to address the blemishes. The beauty with Tane is that it causes your skin to peel considerably and as result the blemishes are signigifantly reduced and lightened. Good luck ywette and may the force be with us! Kris
  22. Ok i am confused. Should I reply to the post within my topic or in yours. Hahax anyways remember, no matter how bleak it all seems right now, YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING. Hang in there babe. I had the light patch issue as well. See my just-after-course1 pics. my left cheek was considerably lighter for no reason! I am not sure what the exact mechanisms are behind this but i think Tane causes your skin to peel at times, more so in certain areas. From my experience, it eventually evens out. Tr
  23. stalking my log?!?! That makes me excited No, that makes me lonly Actually, it makes me sentimental Eh, on second thought, it fills me with rage!!! I've had a few seconds to think about it, and I decided it makes me lethargic. But to address your concerns, I don't have any mood swings You're so lucky..I've been monitoring mtself and I've discovered that about 2-3 hours after I take my tane I get really irritated..So I'm gonna change the times I take it. I'll take my 1st dose be