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  1. Thanks everyone for the compliments until Accutane, the only thing people ever said about my skin were things like, "what are you using? maybe it's making it worse" or "have you ever tried..?" as I know you've all heard too! lol

    Georges Sister..My oily skin has not come back..it's defined more as normal/dry now. I live in florida so I'm constantly keeping it dry and use less moisturizer than is normally called for.

    After I finished Tane I experienced dry lips for probably about another 2-3 weeks and and still had some dry areas on my face, but the crazy part was how my skin seemed to continue to improve even though the treatment was done. My derm told me that would happen but I was skeptical because I had some scarring and discoloration. This site sells a AHA 10% creme that works wonders! That's really the only acne related thing I use, it helps with breaking down the old scarring(which will fade eventually with time)and letting the new (nicer) skin underneath come thru much faster.

    Again guys, anything you're going through will be worth it in the end and feel free to ask away because I've been through it all. Without this site, I would have def. stopped my treatment. Just knowing I wasn't alone helped so much.

  2. Hey there..I haven't posted in quite awhile but I just wanna tell those of you still going thru the process that it's def. worth it..this site helped me keep my sanity while going thru my "tane" experience and I'll gladly answer any questions (I had a bunch..lol) so first off I just wanted to thank ACNE.ORG...

    OK..I've been off Accutane since about April of this year, i started off with pretty bad acne (pics in the gallery). started tane in Oct 2008..I went thru all the nervousness, people saying "don't do it, it's dangerous", etc. but they weren't going thru what I was and I figured things couldn't get any worse so WTH, right? I experienced everything they said I would Dry flaky skin, chapped lips, a headache here and there but nothing life threatening. and believe me when I say, I WOULD DO IT ALL AGAIN TOMORROW!!

    It's been a year since I took that first pill and let me tell you, I don't have 1 zit on my face, not even one!! :clap: I haven't even had so much as a small breakout since Feb. (although my derm had me do an additional month for safe measure). I don't use any acne medication at all, just Oil of Olay face wash and moisturizer and AHA 10% at night. My skin slowly began to even itself out and go from being super dry to normal, not oily, just normal. That's something I've never been able to say. I still have some work to do as far as old acne scarring but it's 1000x better than when I started..I've tried everything you can think of for acne, over the counter and Rx and I was just beginning to think there was no hope until I started Accutane..Stick with it, it's worth it all!!



  3. Hello all..Well Yesterday I offically took my LAST pill :dance: !! Still not one break out since January!! Now I'm working on the scarring and I must admit that things are moving along pretty well with minimal effort so far. My skin is still pretty sensitive so there's not a whole lot I can use prescription wise, so I've been applying Ambi cream and a mild Vitamin C facial that's supposed to help. My Derm did advise me that the tane stays in your system continuing to work for a few more months so I will still have some side effects (dry lips, etc) but also it continues to help clear the skin now that I have no actives. It was almost a bitter sweet moment for me, because although I have no actives, I can see the actual damage to my skin that the pimples have created over the years, But I know that with peels and resurfacing I will Def. be where i want by the end of the year. I can't get a peel for at least 4-6 months from now, so I'm making due with the aloe vera and Ambi cream..Good luck to all those out there still fighting this battle, I'm am here for you and hopefully can help answer any questions for those of u going through it currently...Yvette

  4. Day 110

    Wow, it's been almost a month since I posted.. So just to bring everyone up to date I have not had ANY actives in over a month!! :clap: I saw my derm on the 6th and my iron levels have improved so I can continue the tane (I was having issues for a min). It feels really good to wake up and not dread a new breakout. My derm advised that I'm probably through with tane after this month because I'm no longer breaking out (but I can continue for 1 extra month just for safe measure if I want to. I think I'm gonna take her up on that offer because I'd rather be safe than sorry). What I'm working on now is the aftermath..Blemishes and discoloration, I've been using a MILD bleaching cream, I was prescribed 4% by my derm and it was way too strong and made things worse, so she advised I don't continue that again until after tane treatment. I've posted my month 3 pics in the Gallery. For those of you just beginning and having doubts, Please don't give up! you can read my log from the beginning and I had many days when I thought this wasn't worth it but Believe me it is!! I still have a ways to go but the worst is over...

  5. Day 84

    Hello all, just checking in. Nothing much here as far as my tane, no new breakouts or actives for about 2 weeks now, this is the longest I've went with no new actives (I hope I didn't just jinx myself) my skin is taking on a more even appereance also. Slowly but surely things are moving in the right direction. If this keep ups, I'll be done in Feb. instead of April!! Adjusting well to the Iron pills, I have a Derm appt on Jan. 6th, I'll keep you posted!

  6. How common and how bad are the dry lips/dry skin/bloody nose/acne flare ups when on Accutane? How do you get your doctor to perscripe it to you? Is it worth it? Additionally, if anyone wants to make some Christmas money I'll buy anyone's legitimate left-over or unwanted Accutane pills or generic alternative (contact me at [email protected] to work something out.)

    *Dry lips/skin are a given on accutane..

    *My breakouts were really no worse than without tane

    *I haven't had a bloody nose yet and I'm almost 3 months in.

    *Because Accutane is almost a "last resort" medication, your Derm has to feel as if he/she has exhausted all other possibilities or you have a great need for accutane specifically.

    *If you're willing to follw the rules of tane it's definitley worth it

    *Accutane is not something you want to buy as a "leftover" or online, the risks are too great, you need to have monthly blood tests and your overall state of well being has to be monitored.

    Please just talk to your Derm before doing anything drastic..

  7. Day 78

    Nothing much new to report this week. I think my body has finally adjusted to the iron pills because I'm not dragging as much as I was before, I'm still having some pretty intense dreams and mood swings though. Only one new active but not much dryness, I wish things would move along a little faster though cuz these ups and downs are getting old real quick...

  8. Day 71

    OK this Iron supplement is really kicking my ass. It took all I had to cook dinner yesterday and help my daughter with her homework, I fell asleep on the couch at 7:30 and work up at midnight. Even though I take it at bedtime I still feel tired throughout the day. My Dr says this will pass in a few weeks but until then I guess I have to suffer. "Croc Lady" made a special appearance this morning :doh:, I was peeling above my lip, chin area and cheeks, WTF? I thought I was through with that part! oh well, nothing I can do except use my aloe scrub and apply vaseline. So far so good, no peeling so far today. Hey does anyone else notice dead skin on their face towels when they wash? My face doesn't seem that flaky but then I look at my towel and I'm like wow, all that was sitting on my face all day?? I was washing my face 3x a day but had to cut back due to the excessive drying but now I feel as if my face isn't as clean as it should be, I wash in the am but I wear makeup most days so I feel like as soon as I'm back in the house I need to wash my face, then again before I go to bed. If it was up to me I'd wash 4-5 times a day but I know that just adds irritation.


    *No new actives

    *2 old actives healing nicely

    *Complexion seems to be coming along (SLOWLY)


    *Peeling..again (sigh)

    *Dry eyes

    *Never ending dry lips

    **I also feel as if I may be gaining weight (??) or maybe I'm just greedy :D

    Until next time think Acne Free!!!

  9. Day 70

    70 days..Wow..I can't believe it's been that long already. I remember the first day I started logging and it seemed as if I would never get to this point, but here I am, still having good anf bad days. Actually nothing much has happened as far as my face is concerned in about a week, which can be looked at as both good and bad. I kinda liked my skin to tighten up or peel a little because at least I knew then that the tane was working, but now I feel nothing but tired all the time with the tane and the iron supplements.

    My lips are a never ending battle of course, but other than that I guess I can't complain to much. I've also had some blackheads lately but they've pretty much been falling out when I wash my face.

  10. Yvette,

    Responding to the question you left on my log:

    Yes absolutely I still use it, for dryness. Nothing works better honestly, if I were to use even an expensive moisturizer like the one I used to use, it doesn't work nearly as well.

    My dermatologist explained to me that there are essentially two types of moisturizers. One is a humectant, which increases the water content of your skin, moisturizers containing glycerin and such are humectants. The other type of moisturizer is an emollient, which locks moisture into the skin, petrolatum (petroleum jelly, vaesline, etc.) is the best emollient around.

    He claimed it didn't clog pores, and so far he is right. I did research it on my own, and all the credible sources confirmed this. Often you will hear people say anything oil based like vaseline clogs pores, this isn't true--- I don't have to tell you about the enormous amounts of misinformation out there.

    Some people still claim it makes them break out though, so who knows. I'd be willing to bet though that they are blaming it for a break out they would have had anyway.

    Don't use aquaphor instead. I don't get the hype about that stuff, it is just half vaseline with a bunch of other ingredients that evaporate off your skin anyway.

    Sorry to hear about the blood count. My girlfriend is anemic and has acne and can't go on tane for the same reason. I'm sure with iron supplements though it will improve. I'd definitely confirm with my doctor before doing this to make sure, but it might also be wise to take a copper supplement, especially if you take zinc on a regular basis like most people on here do. Zinc depletes copper, and copper is essential for iron absorption.

    Oh yea and don't worry about changing brands. I went from Sotret to Claravis, and while I did have a bad break out afterward, I contribute this to doubling my dosage from 40 to 80. They both take you to the same results though.

    Best of luck as always,


    Makes Soooo Much sense!!

  11. Hi there, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your log, you are so funny :lol:

    I really hope it works well for you, I will keep reading..

    I'm starting today (FINALLY!) and I'm feeling very optimistic after reading yours and other peoples' logs..I know it is going to be tough with all the dryness (NOT looking forward to meeting Croc lady (well in my case Croc man :) )) but I know it will be worth it in the end.


    As long as you keep reading the logs, you'll be ok. We, in these forums seem to know more than most of the Derms as far as the side effects are concerned. My Derm new nothing about the rash on the hands, which would have freaked me out if I hadn't read here that this was pretty common. Also listen to your gut, if you feel anything out of the norm, post it, I'll bet as least one other tane member has experienced it. By no means am I an expert on tane but as I said before, if it weren't for this forum I probably would have given up..Best of luck to you! :clap:

  12. Day 67

    Went to the Derm yesterday, all tests came back fine. I'm Anemic, which I knew but my my red blood cells are dropping to low, so I have to incorporate Iron pills (which I HATE) into my diet. I have no choice because if my numbers aren't better by the next visit, I have to stop tane!! :cry: at least for a few weeks while we try to raise it, so that's mission #1 for me right now.

    No real new side effects, no new actives, just have 2 monsters I told you about healing but it seems to be taking forever.

    I went to CVS to get my new Rx and they gave me Amnesteem, instead of Sotret, which I've been taking since I started. I know that basically there all the same Rx with just different generic names, but I really wanted to stick with the same brand throughout the process. I asked the pharmacist about this and he said basically unless your Derm sends a script for name brand only they can give you whatever generic brand they have avaliable. He did tell me that another CVS across town had Sotret but I would have to transfer my script because of Ipledge (no thanks). If things stay on track for me, I have just about a month and 1/2 to go!! :D

  13. Yvette,

    Glad to see that helped. I wash my hands alot on top of it so I'd say thats definitely my most noticeable side effect too.

    If you can get past the mental block of doing so, I'd suggest using it lightly on your face too. I know it seems like acne suicide, but its actually great. My complexion has improved and it absolutely does not clog pores, I've been using it for months.

    Sense of humor is DEFINITELY the best remedy!


    I'm gonna give it a try..It worked wonders for my hands!

  14. Day 64.... 1/2 way mark

    Hello all, It's been a minute since I've logged but with holidays approaching and work, I haven't had much time, so I'm dedicating this evening to catching up with my Accutane family. So much has happened since I last wrote, I had 2 of the BIGGEST actives on my face, I'm talking guiness book here..and the icing on the cake was they were literally right next to each other, above my lip in the "Herpe" area!! I was overcome with embarassment and they took forever to calm down. I have to admit, I did try to pop those suckers but they just kept coming back :doh: I finally just let go and let tane.. they're better now but I have some nasty scarring, oh well, you win some and you lose some. The rash on my hands got all scaley, Croc womany on me, so I did take Lee's advice (Thank you) and use Vaseline and boy oh boy it's like a best kept secret, the next morning it was totally gone! yay!

    What I'm learning from this whole experience is you have to absoutely have to have a sense of humor in order to deal with all the crazy ass side effects of this drug. because if you don't, either you won't make it or it'll be the longest, most horrible experience of your damn life. I've had moments where I wanted to cry because my back hurt and my face was all dry and scaley and my hands looked like raw meat, but then I tell myself these are temporary side effects to a long term cure and that makes me feel much better. I wish everyone the best of luck and hang in there

  15. Yvette,

    Just checking in to see how it's going for another adult. I'm on day 10 and it's pretty miserable. My skin is dry, but not flaky, just really tight.

    Are you glad you went from 40 mg to 80 mg? I am starting to wonder if I shouldn't stick it out at 40 mg for a couple of months.

    And, did the rx for your ib work well? I've got some big nasties that make me so upset to see. My dr. said to call her if I had a bad ib and I think I might have to break down and take something else.

    Actually after about 2 weeks things calmed down alot on 80mg so at this point it's not so bad. I'm glad I was bumped up just because I know it'll speed up the treatment process, because I'm so ready for all of this to be over. I believe the Rx for the ib helped because I never had a really nasty break out, I would say the ib I had being bumped from 40mg to 80mg was worse...Good Luck

  16. 'nother day down, nother pill taken. Lip were a bit dry--but it's cold now, so that might be it. Plus they're only somewhat bad when I'm waking up, and I think I might be dreaming/hoping.

    Skin no better. A few normal pimples came up today. No cysts. What is it, day 6 and no improvement. I knew this is what would happen, but I guess I hoped "powerful drug" would do something special. Peace.


    You gotta be more patient, you're gonna drive yourself crazy. It is a powerful drug but it does not work overnight. If it did why would our Derms put us on 4-6 month plans? Everyone is different but after reading a few logs you'll see that no one really sees steady improvement until the end of month 1 to early month 2. I'm in my 2nd month and I'm still getting break outs, I have my days when I wanna scream but I know that in the next few months, things will get better and whether or not your on tane aren't those months gonna come anyway? better to be working on your face right? Just remember this.."A Steady drip fills the bucket too" Meaning just because things aren't happeneing as quickly as you'd like, doesn't mean they aren't happening..Good luck and stay strong..


  17. Day 52

    Well Croc lady is back and she's madder than hell! :doh: My face has turned on me. It's red and irritated and dry and peeling all at the same time. The corners of my mouth are still slightly cracked and hurting. Over this past week I think I've went through an entire tube of carmex and I can't keep enough of it on, I know I look silly, because I have that shit smeared all over my lips..and not neatly either, don't care..trying to solve a problem here. To top it all off, I have 2 big actives, one right above my lip (hurts) and one on my cheek. Yea, my joy was short lived last week. I swear I can't wait for this roller coaster ride to be over, I feel miserable right now, my face gets so tight it feels like it's going to bleed if I smile, thank God for this forum because without it, I would have quit by now. Oh yea, I received an added bonus this weekend..I now have that stupid rash on the back of my hand that I've heard so much about on the logs here, not sure what it is but I put some of my daughters rash cream on it and it stopped itching! :D

    I know I'm whining but if I can't do it here then I can't do it anywhere. I feel like no one else understands, I try to talk to the Mr. about the symptoms and he has no clue what I go through, so all he really says is "Really?" or "Oh" in that I don't know what your talking about voice. And he can't relate anyway, he has NO acne, I don't think he's ever has. I equate accutane to being pregnant, you know in the end it'll be worth it, but going through it is hell. I missed 2 doses this week, I took my morning dose and forgot my evening dose, by the time I remembered, I was just to lazy to get up and take it. I did the exact same thing again the next night, I'm losing my mind here....

    glad to see your skin is getting better, im only 5 days into my treatment and havn't noticed anything so far. ur accutane log is hilarius croc lady!! especially the bitch on wheels part haha, privided some entertainment while i take a break from exam study so thanks heaps 4 that :dance: !! hope ur skin continues 2 get better.



  18. I just went throught the same thing on Accutane, just a weeks ago actually. My cheeks got really light, almost like vitaligo. I saw my derm and she said that it happens somtimes because some areas of your skin are more sensitive than others and they just react faster to the Tane, but it would eventually even out. She was right and my face is doing much better, my skin tone is looking much better and my skin tone is looking 100% better, so don't panic things will get better! I posted pics on my log, because I ws very concerned about it also.

  19. Day 46

    Rough week folks..The 80mg finally kicked in and my lips were the first thing to cave..They were so dry I wanted to cry, NOTHING helped and anything I did put on them lasted 15-20 minutes at the most, they became cracked in the corners and it hurt to smile or open my mouth to eat anything. I was miserable, I finally resorted to holding a warm wet rag to them every so often for moisture and applying Neosporin. Why the hell does tane dry your lips like that anyway?? My face became a tight mask (thank God for tea tree oil) and I was lethargic, like a walking zombie, but when I laid down to sleep I just tossed and turned. Add problems with the hubby in this mix and needless to say I felt like jumping off a building.

    But this is the crazy thing about tane, today.... Just 4 days later, I woke up feeling refreshed, lips a "little" better and not one active on my face! Like it was all bad dream :wall: , this stuff really takes you for a ride, but at the same time, I have to say that I can't remember a time when my face looked this good, I still have some scarring but not even 1 pimple!! :D , it has literally been YEARS since I've been blemish free. I have some peeling but I made a homemade concoction of seabreeze moisturizer mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil and it lasts for hours on my face and feels really good, I don't have to keep re-applying all day. I moisturize just twice a day when I wash and it seems to be working. I'm my worst critic, and even I'm noticing an improvement in the texture and tone of my skin after only a month and change into my treatment. I still have 3 months left, so this is so exciting for me to see so much improvement this quickly. Even the underlying bumps are still disappearing without surfacing..Yay!! My lips are definitely worth the sacrifice..


    *No actives at all!!

    *Smoother skin


    *Dry ass lips

    *Tight skin

    *Some muscle aches

    Until next time..Think Acne Free!!

  20. Day 42

    So far so good on the 80mg, the few actives I had have pretty much dried up. In my earlier post I mentioned that my Derm gave me a Rx for something called Extina to pull the bumps from under the skin, well I don't know exactly how it works but those suckers are just disappearing!! :D my skin is looking so much smoother! The bumps aren't even hitting the surface, so I'll be sure to add that to my arsenal for post-tane treatment. I have noticed mor blackheads surfacing though, but they are coming out on their own when I wash so that's another plus I hope this is resulting from the new dosage because I seemed to have hit a brick wall with the 40mg. I've been having weird dreams, anybody else experience that? I wake up like WTF?? I'm flying, people chasing me, etc.

    Although my skin looks 100x better even right now, I still get discouraged from time to time because I want clear skin now, I have 90 days left on tane, I know sad that I counted....

    Not doing the "goods" and "bads" section today, I think I covered it all..Until next time, think acne free!!