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  1. ur pic was so flawless! wow.. =)

  2. Thanks everyone for the compliments until Accutane, the only thing people ever said about my skin were things like, "what are you using? maybe it's making it worse" or "have you ever tried..?" as I know you've all heard too! lol Georges Sister..My oily skin has not come back..it's defined more as normal/dry now. I live in florida so I'm constantly keeping it dry and use less moisturizer than is normally called for. After I finished Tane I experienced dry lips for probably about another 2-3 wee
  3. Thanks! it was a rough journey, but 6 months of sacrifice is nothing compared to the feeling I got from throwing away all the acne medications and creams! lol
  4. This is my Accutane Journey..I began October 6th 2008..I am posting pictures monthly for those still skeptical about accutane, It works! wish I would've done it sooner.
  5. Hey there..I haven't posted in quite awhile but I just wanna tell those of you still going thru the process that it's def. worth it..this site helped me keep my sanity while going thru my "tane" experience and I'll gladly answer any questions (I had a bunch..lol) so first off I just wanted to thank ACNE.ORG... OK..I've been off Accutane since about April of this year, i started off with pretty bad acne (pics in the gallery). started tane in Oct 2008..I went thru all the nervousness, people sayi
  6. Hello all..Well Yesterday I offically took my LAST pill !! Still not one break out since January!! Now I'm working on the scarring and I must admit that things are moving along pretty well with minimal effort so far. My skin is still pretty sensitive so there's not a whole lot I can use prescription wise, so I've been applying Ambi cream and a mild Vitamin C facial that's supposed to help. My Derm did advise me that the tane stays in your system continuing to work for a few more months so I wi
  7. Day 110 Wow, it's been almost a month since I posted.. So just to bring everyone up to date I have not had ANY actives in over a month!! I saw my derm on the 6th and my iron levels have improved so I can continue the tane (I was having issues for a min). It feels really good to wake up and not dread a new breakout. My derm advised that I'm probably through with tane after this month because I'm no longer breaking out (but I can continue for 1 extra month just for safe measure if I want to. I t
  8. Day 84 Hello all, just checking in. Nothing much here as far as my tane, no new breakouts or actives for about 2 weeks now, this is the longest I've went with no new actives (I hope I didn't just jinx myself) my skin is taking on a more even appereance also. Slowly but surely things are moving in the right direction. If this keep ups, I'll be done in Feb. instead of April!! Adjusting well to the Iron pills, I have a Derm appt on Jan. 6th, I'll keep you posted!
  9. *Dry lips/skin are a given on accutane.. *My breakouts were really no worse than without tane *I haven't had a bloody nose yet and I'm almost 3 months in. *Because Accutane is almost a "last resort" medication, your Derm has to feel as if he/she has exhausted all other possibilities or you have a great need for accutane specifically. *If you're willing to follw the rules of tane it's definitley worth it *Accutane is not something you want to buy as a "leftover" or online, the risks are
  10. Day 78 Nothing much new to report this week. I think my body has finally adjusted to the iron pills because I'm not dragging as much as I was before, I'm still having some pretty intense dreams and mood swings though. Only one new active but not much dryness, I wish things would move along a little faster though cuz these ups and downs are getting old real quick...
  11. Day 71 OK this Iron supplement is really kicking my ass. It took all I had to cook dinner yesterday and help my daughter with her homework, I fell asleep on the couch at 7:30 and work up at midnight. Even though I take it at bedtime I still feel tired throughout the day. My Dr says this will pass in a few weeks but until then I guess I have to suffer. "Croc Lady" made a special appearance this morning , I was peeling above my lip, chin area and cheeks, WTF? I thought I was through with that pa
  12. Day 70 70 days..Wow..I can't believe it's been that long already. I remember the first day I started logging and it seemed as if I would never get to this point, but here I am, still having good anf bad days. Actually nothing much has happened as far as my face is concerned in about a week, which can be looked at as both good and bad. I kinda liked my skin to tighten up or peel a little because at least I knew then that the tane was working, but now I feel nothing but tired all the time with th
  13. Just take it easy and your body will start to adjust, in the beginning I was tired all the time too..Good Luck!
  14. Woteva, As long as you keep reading the logs, you'll be ok. We, in these forums seem to know more than most of the Derms as far as the side effects are concerned. My Derm new nothing about the rash on the hands, which would have freaked me out if I hadn't read here that this was pretty common. Also listen to your gut, if you feel anything out of the norm, post it, I'll bet as least one other tane member has experienced it. By no means am I an expert on tane but as I said before, if it weren't