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  1. Cleansing only not work out for ya? I tried it too, now I'm back on the Regimen. I don't know about your question though, never been on antibiotics.
  2. Purpose soap? Is that the one that's orange in color? If so, I have that one too. I ask since you said soap, lol. If we're talking about the same one, technically it's a facial cleansing bar, not soap.
  3. Your skin will be that way when using BP and a few days after stopping its use. You can alleviate flakiness by moisturizing thoroughly twice a day. And if you wanna stop using BP, continue moisturizing for a few days, maybe even a week after stopping its use and your skin should no longer be flaky.
  4. The Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. I've never used the cream, but I hear good things about it too.
  5. I've used BP more than anything else throughout my years and also thought I'd be able to get away with using a liberal amount of Dan's BP once I started the Regimen. Boy was I wrong. I can't even using 1 full pump without experiencing negative effects after 1 week. 3/4's or less is all it takes for me to stay mostly clear and avoid the side effects. I know 2 pumps is recommended for this Regimen, but you've seriously gotta forget about that and use an amount that's right for your skin. It took m
  6. I recently switched to Cetaphil. Works like a charm for me. I also switched to Cetaphil's Gentle Cleanser and that's helped a ton too. You might consider these products. I'd also consider dropping the amount of BP you're using. I'm able to use 3/4's of a pump or even less to stay mostly clear, which is far less from the recommended 2 pumps.
  7. You didn't have any pimples on your left side at the time? Or you've never had any pimples on your left side ever? And what's this removing the first layer of skin talk I keep hearing nowadays? Sounds ridiculous. My face is still intact.
  8. For my skin, trying to use AHA+ and BP together on my face was a horrible decision and completely screwed up the good results I was getting just using the three main products. My face got red, something I didn't have a problem with previously and the dryness and flakiness came back with a vengeance oddly enough. Not to mention I broke out with lots of whiteheads. Maybe I used it too much and didn't give it enough time, but either way, I'd only recommend using it 2-3 nights per week at most. With
  9. I find that I'm able to use just enough BP to spread a thin film all around my face and get just as good results while avoiding the side effects altogether from a higher dosage. This is just me personally though, but it'd probably be worth a shot to tone down the amount of BP you were previously using. Work your way up again slowly if you feel like you're not getting the results you desire.
  10. If you're experiencing dryness and flakiness, I'd strongly recommend switching to Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion if you weren't using them already. I recently made this switch after using Dan's Cleanser and Moisturizer and it's been a fantastic change in my routine. The cleanser is so gentle, I no longer have a dry, tight feeling or even any visible flakes after cleansing like I'd always get when using Dan's. And the lotion is nice because it takes care of flakine
  11. I'm sure you've already mentioned it somewhere throughout this log, but what moisturizer(s) are you currently using? And is it doing a good job keeping the dryness at bay?
  12. Purpose also has a redness reducing moisturizer with SPF 30. I've not tried either one as I don't really experience redness issues, but just thought I'd throw it out there.
  13. I've used Murad twice. Last year was the second time I tried it because I couldn't remember how it was the first time. I gave it a month. Acne got progressively worse, particularly on the forehead with tons of tiny bumps. Then I found Acne.org, went on the Regimen and it almost completely cleared everything that was caused by Murad...and within weeks. The Regimen here is much cheaper in comparison and works so much better.
  14. Yet on the flip side, there are so many people out there who took the same route as far sugar and everything else goes, but their skin is flawless as is their weight. Just sayin...
  15. Well, my acne goes from mild to moderate. It's those dang whiteheads, and let me tell ya - nothing takes my confidence away more than some dang ugly whiteheads on my face. I've just been hearing a lot of bad things about BP lately. I like Cetaphil and I saw on their website that they linked off to Differin for acne, so that got me interested. If the effects are similar to BP, I could deal with 'em. BHA's have never worked well for me. Also, I don't have insurance. To be completely honest, I'd ra