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  1. feel sorry 4 u man... i have the same thing but it doesnt sting.. just goes red and takes days to clear up
  2. im using the regimen on my chest. just insead of the2.5% or the 5% stuff just get 10%. takes about 3months to clear up :?
  3. and when do we see her results
  4. when ur tan, ur skin goes a darker colour and that colour is closer to red than ur normal pale colour. so ur skin isnt really getting better. and be ready for a breakout once u stop going to the beds... <this happens to a lot to ppl who have been on holiday and got good tan. they come home to get a break out :?
  5. i donno, im never sure about diet and acne.. my doctor told me the very first time i saw him that "ACNE IS NOT AFFECTED BY UR DIET" but over the last 3months is have been juggling 2 jobs and college leaving me very little time to have eat etc and cos of that i never really drink milk anymore and my skin is lookin better hmmm its either because of the pills from the hospital finnaly kicking in or the lack of milk intake..
  6. i have the total opposite wtf? my skin is good lol
  7. i would say moderate. its the same as mine.. what creams/pills are u on for treating ur acne cos ur skin isnt red..
  8. to be honest i think most of us should be glad we have acne and not other things...
  9. when i done that thing with the hot water in a bowl i found that because my pores were open they collected more durt etc and later that week i had a bad outbreak. i dont realy adivse doing this...
  10. after comming off a few heavy days on drink i notice my skin is better. i also noticed that smokin weed helped hmmm
  11. took me 3/4 weeks before an improvment. in that time it stopped my acne getting worse and then the small spots went and now its just getting rid of the stubron ones... says on the tub that wait 3months for an improvement.
  12. i find that the pills are great at first but then start to stop working after a few months, i hated the doctor for giving me all these "tropicals" i wish they just put me on the most powerful pills straight away. i have been through all those pills u mentioned above. im now on minocine MR. at the moment its workin. just dont expect results stright away. they take about a month
  13. on my 2nd year of hight school i was one of the first ppl to get acne. at that time i thought i was the only person with it.. now, my face has cleared to the best it has been in YEARS! and a few of my mates and old school mates have acne, not as bad as what i had but they have it and a lot of people now realise it as common and part of growing up. i dont find that a lot of the girls im around are botherd with acne, which gives me confidence but at the same time i still avoid cameras haha.
  14. as well as the The Regimen what else are you using..? for the lat 56 days i have been on minocin MR 100mg capsules (from the hospital) & vitamin c 500mg tablets(from asda). im seeing an improvemnt on my face. since finding this site i have been using that benzoyl peroxide 10% on my back, chest and neck. tomorrow im going to get the 2.5% stuff for my face as i have seen a great improvment. has anyone else been on these pills before? did the stop ur acne or just hold it off. What
  15. i had the same problem. after drying my face in the morning it was flaky. to stop this from happening i didnt use moisturizer for 2 days and patted my skin dry after washing my face. the 2 days i didnt use moisturizer my face was kinda flaky but it was worth it. i dont need to use moisturizer anymore and i hated using it.