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  1. As all these posts make clear, you are not alone. When you think of your mother, think also of that. I don't know why but somehow that helps. I'm 23 and this spring began experiencing an onslaught of acne and subsequent depression that I never thought possible. I was caught completely off guard and have since struggled to maintain any sense of hope or perspective. I guess we easily think we're insulated from certain kinds of suffering and think "that wouldn't happen to me." I never thought I wo
  2. [Accutane doesn't work for me and I would say about at least an hour a day.] Hey 'Enter the Dragon' - have you thought about seeing an endocrinologist because I've been told that when Accutane doesn't work, it usually means there's an androgen problem. Some hormones might need to be balanced out. Just a thought.
  3. I don't know what "route" he means, but my cousin did 120 mg of Accutane a day for a few months so I would try that. And about the money, I'm on Accutane and I get it for free. The Roche company has a program for people without insurance. I pay for the derm. appointments but that's all. I'm 6 weeks into Accutane and I'm trying to mentally prepare for it failing to work because I know there's a percentage who aren't helped by it. I'm pretty sure mine's hormonal, too, so I won't be surprised.
  4. I got two red patches on my forehead and panicked. I'll try the moisturizor and hope that helps. The last thing I need is a rash on top of acne.
  5. Hatesacne123 - I just started accutane 5 weeks ago and these postings are my support system. It's so important to know someone understands. How long have you been dealing with acne and what's your dosage?