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  1. hi there. even though things seem like they aren't going good i promise they will get better. i've been on accutane for around six months now and my skin is absolutely perfect, havn't had a pimple in a month and that is a record but was like you at the start and thought it was never going to improve. so just hang in there and i'm sure things will get better
  2. lol very interesting. apparently your also most attractive to males when your ovulating.
  3. here in australia it only cots $35 dollars and you can claim half of that back on medicare.
  4. yeah you can just pretend they won't find out just make sure you don't get sexually active because you really don't want a deformed baby
  5. Hey i've been on accutane for around a month now and i have this really really bad pain just under my chest and it hurts all the time and is excruciating when i lean over. It feels like someone attached a brick with a clip to my skin and i'm like picking it up with my skin. I've heard of joint pain related to accutane but has anyone else had a sensation like this? help would be appreciated cheers
  6. hey i'm aroud the same age as you -16 and i'm on accutane + also really short haha. i havn't heard of it stunting your growth and i'm sure that is a very rare side effect. also if you really want to get rid of your acne - nothing will compare to accutane but hey if you find something better let me know
  7. agree with this guy you've only been on this a couple of days lol the side effects get worse.. plus accutane is a very dangerous drug and people need to be advised of this.
  8. my skin is finall yystarting to get better yay! only have like one pimple at the momment. i gotta admit the side effects are pretty bad though. my skin feels so dry and my lips are disgusting it looks like i have herpes or something. i also get this really bad pain just under my chest its horrible. i'mn also really tired all the time and my back hurts allot i also got nosebleeds and it takes me like 5 minutes to open my eyes in the morning cause they're so dry. but its worth it for the clear sk
  9. i think the night vision thing is a very rare side effect i havn't encountered that problem since i've been on it and i havn't heard of anyone else having so either. the other side effects are pretty nasty but it is all worth it in the end. and yes you have to go on an oral contraceptive because the derm wont take your word for it, it's annoying i know.
  10. Napoleon perdis china doll foundation is the best. it doesn't aggravate the skin and doesn't cause breakouts because it isn't oily its a matte foundation. also gives great coverage
  11. yeah i suppose your right, its better to just not drink i guess i will just feel like shit the next day anyway
  12. i have allot of lumpy ones on my forehead and chin (about 15) and the other cheek is just scars
  13. for me green tea acctually does the opposite. i feel that my skin gets better when i drink green tea. i've heard other people say the same thing as well. iced green tea is supposed to be even more good for your skin. i guess it must be different for different people.