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  1. Im pretty sure they're scars. Im positive I have a few ice-pick scars on the right side of the picture. Someone reccommended I should use MaMa lotion.
  2. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v112/Ski...Killzz/ACNE.jpg I need information on the following: -What type of scarring is this? -Any recommended products I should use? I really need help , would really appreciate it.
  3. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v112/Ski...Killzz/ACNE.jpg -What type of scarring is this? -Any recommended products I should use? Im currently using AcneFree's Pockmark Fillers but they dont seem to be working I need help! I would really appreciate it. thx.
  4. Down to my last pen. Im not sure if this product even works anymore -_-". Ive been applying it once a day due to school. I see little results. *sigh*
  5. First Week Don't really see much of a difference. Maybe a little. Will continue updating.
  6. Day 1 - Bearly bought today ><" , I have applied the AM routine, will do the PM routine in a bit. Will keep this updated hehe.
  7. I read about this product today. Looked positive to me. Im gonna be using this product. Hopefully it works. I will keep you guys updated. Good luck to me!
  8. As of now, im on the AcneFree packet. Its been working very very well for me. If it wasnt for this product my face wouldve been filled with acne. I wouldnt say this product can prevent acne cause i still grow a few little pimples, but before I used this product I would grow huge ugly pimples . Hope this helps. PS: Dries skin "
  9. I read somewhere drinking Lipton's Green Tea can prevent acne breakouts. I dont know if its true though . What are your thoughts on this? HELP! ><"
  10. Hmm, after reading this thread, I myself will try this product out :] . Hopefully this will work. I will keep you guys updated.