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  1. Well I just got off a 5 month treatment and been off the pill for about a month and I do not have one pimple on any part of my face or my body! And the pores and scars from my pimples are barely noticeable now and it gets better every day. I KNOW what you mean about waking up with chapped lips haha! it feels like your lips will crack if you smile ( and I'm pretty sure they would lol) I had the chest pain and back pain too. Like if i lay down I feel lots of pressure on my back and chest. I al
  2. Ah well good to know there more people with the same problems lol
  3. I am on my 4th month of accutane, its going rather well. I was clear for 2 weeks and got hit 3 pimples. But crazily enough they disappeared in less than a day. Now to the important part. First of all what do you guys do for peeling skin? To be quite frank I'm not sure its suppose to be as bad what I am experiencing. I rub my face until everything comes off or else its quite embarrassing in public. But its quite annoying because i must do it so often and it takes a good 5 minutes. I would scrat
  4. My eyes get so dry that mine just fall out. So basicly half blind all the time because i cant put on the contacts.
  5. You'll probably see more zits later. My derm said it really kicks in 3rd month ( and it did ). My face was fairly clear 2nd month then I got more pimples. Now im pretty much clear just with a few red marks. Been 30 days since my last pimple =D. Its nothing to worry tho. While on accutane they come and go REALLY fast imo.
  6. Oh you don't even know. Every hour I need to peel skin of or put more moisturizer. Mines just falls off all day. Its embarrassing when other people notice it before you do.
  7. I have a friend who had a lot of acne but was almost oil-free. After accutane he was completely clear and has stayed that way even after 2 years.
  8. If you really want to try accutane be persistent. If they keep on saying no, find a new doctor. Some dermatologists just want to make money off you first. I stayed with the same derma for 2 years and he still said no. Found a new one and face is almost clear after 3 months =D. And i had AMAZINGLY oily skin. Now I don't have a trace of oil.
  9. Well even if you have mild acne, if nothing else work and you've had acne for a long time go for it if you really want too. Mine wasnt terrible but all the creams and pills never worked and my dermatologist never even mentioned accutane. Then i switched derm, first thing prescribed was accutane even with my cholesterol and history of depression in my family. If your worried about the psychological side effects, I say don't take it if you been depressed for other reasons that your pimples. Andas
  10. It can't hurt to drink a bit. To be honest I've gotten completely smashed 3/7 days every week for a whole month and my face is just about clear. And i also take cholesterol pills. So my liver works A LOT. After seeing the dermatologist, she said my liver improved. It was rather ironic hehe. But certainly do not do this. Its pretty stupid of me in my opinion and I wont drink as much for the remaining 3 months. IF YOU DO END UP DRINKING, make sure to drink a lot of water. Alcohol dehydrates you a
  11. Lol this happened to me like last week. The tip was inflamed a bit and when I tried to pee it went in like 3 directions hahahahaha. But its gone now.
  12. I am halfway through my 3rd month and I see a huge difference just a few pimples left. BUTT i have been taking 2 pills at night and was wondering if I was suppose to be taking 1 in the morning and 1 at night. Or does it not really matter?