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  1. So i've started working out this week, im going to the gym 2 hours a day, today was the fifth day and the results are amazing, my tought is that at least when i'm over acne (wich i hope is not that far away, my acne has become lees active in tha past 2 years) and i loose my hair (because i'm slowly loosing it) at least i'll have a hot body to complement my scars and baldness!! what pisses me is that i have to shower 3 times a day now, when i wake up before going to work, before going to the gym
  2. i've never heard of that site before, i went there but i do not like the layout it's confusing and boring...
  3. my skin is really weird now, ill be clear for 2 weeks, then get occational bums for the next 2 weeks, then it'll go away again (i hope this means that acne is leaving my body!!!) but when i'm clear, i don't enjoy it at all, because i know that it is just a temporary feeling...
  4. and this person still had the courage to go on TV (a local channel probably) and write "fake" testimonies because all the ones in ther talk wonders of this book/manual (i dont know what it is) why take advantage of despearate people like us trying to find a cure!!
  5. really, omg! i cant believe people would do that???, that is really wrong
  6. i've read comments on this site, do you think its true, lately i've been reading that there are some books or ebooks for sale that guarantee you to get rid of you acne, this is one of them, do you belive its true, i have my doubts, if it were, why wouldnt my derm tell me about it, the most hard to belive is this one, acne free in 3 days??? hard to believe http://www.acnefreein3days.com (sorry if i post this here, probably the wrong board, but it is the only one i ever come to)
  7. i think next time i will bring my umbrella with me, lol!!
  8. OMG!! how many times have you gone shopping and when entering the dressing room have this big bright light on top of you makin every bump, red mark and scar 100000% visible on the mirror, they suck big time!!! i feel like trowing my shoe at it and breaking that big fuck!ng light bulb
  9. you shouldn't be ashamed of your pictures, THEY should be ashamed for taking other peoples things
  10. i mean wtf, for most of us that are in our tennage, young adult years why the hell are we having suicidal feelings, i KNOW that most of you have been there, just wanting to die because of this aweful thing called ACNE, we deserve to be happy and live a normal life with normal everyday problems like work, school and relationships, not wanting to DIE, sometimes i feel bad, why someone my age will have those toughts, and seriously, it is all because of acne i want to be a normal person with normal
  11. ill switch gray hair for acne any day man, dying it would be like a 30 min solution, unlike freakin agne grrrrrr sorry, im having a bad day today
  12. i do feel getting less acne asi grow up, i hope that this is the final year, its funny, that now that i think about it, acne has been in my mind for the last 6+ years, every day, all 365 days of the year, it sucks big time
  13. well, thanks for your opinions, i really hope it goes away too, the thing is that neither my mom and dad ever sufferdef form acne, i don't know where in my genes i have it...i will surely keep you updated if anything good happens thanks
  14. i started getting acne when i was around 14-15 yo, it has not been severe, i've had my few ups and man downs, but i always guessed it was caused due to puberty, so i wonder, doesn't puberty start to stop at this age??, will my acne go away too??, i sure hope so, if it stopped now it would be just perfect, i barely have scars so it my face wouldnt look that bad, i went shopping for clothes last tuesday and i was trying on a shirt, and there were like 3 mirrors (too look front, left and right) and