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  1. please please please stay away from dermatologists, they are nothing but trouble and their treatment medication they give you whether it be topical solutions or pills will only mask your acne problems. I havent had acne for a while now, mostly during my pubescent years however,I frequent here time to time to offer advice with what has benefited me in the past. I would recommend giving coconut oil a shot. Must be natural, virgin coconut oil, however if you try this, go easy on it and see how your
  2. Although there are some things that can help alleviate some symptoms...im under the belief that acne is most certaintly related to hormones and your acne wont start to drastically change until your hormones even out (anywhere from 18-25). Mu acne was at its worst when I was 17 and plenty of nice zits, im now 22 and acne free. And then your other choice to get rid of it is probably accutane however thats not even guaranteed
  3. 3 words, oil of oregano. Take internally. Give it atleast 2-3 weeks to see effects.
  4. when it comes down to it, i think everyone's body is different and it also heavily depends how you treat your popped pimple afterwards. I had moderate acne during my teen years,now im 21 and clear with no scarring issues or redness and I used to pop every pimple I had ever gotten. Afterwards I also used this very expensive healing lotion loaded with tons of natural extracts, coconut oil etc and the redness from the zit would be gone within a week. If it ever scabbed, the scab would generally fal
  5. we've all been there using those moisturizers, if you want a really good and cheap moisturizers,cleanser i would recommend thayers witch hazel. made with only natural ingredients, and it is very effective at keeping my skin smooth all day. It's a liquid so you need to have cotton pads to dab it on your face, but your skin really will thank you after a month of usage. You will probably notice that you dont even need to apply it as much anymore. Can't tell if this is good for acne because I stopp
  6. have u ever looked at whats in cetaphil....not even 1 plant extract, just pure chemicals except for water....Terrible skin product. How it even has any good reputation blows my mind
  7. God you guys have 10x the self esteem i do. I get upset whenever i get a single pimple my forehead every once and a while. I had moderate acne in my late teens as well so i can relate to not going out with friends and wanting to stay in at night. I am fully clear now after doing drastic changes to my lifestyle and eating habits. A couple things that come to mind that would probably help. Have you tried a high quality multivitamin before? Do you do supplementation ie. fish oil, antioxidants, imm
  8. sorry i cant help you there, i dont put that on my face, but I've heard good things. You shouldnt need to exfoliate with the product i posted. Just find an alkaline moisturizer and your skin can do the rest
  9. what do you think about using natural organic honey (i.e. straight from the beekeper) as a cleanser? Also, what type of diet is the best for a alkaline body? honey is great for topical use as for alkaline diet http://alkalinedietguy.com/
  10. Haven't made a thread here in a long time, dont suffer from acne as i used to in my teenage year (21 now). I get a couple little shoulder zits from working out but thats about it. Anyways enough about me, I'm here to drop some info for those that are interested and want to see some results in their skin complexion and texture. I would say one of the most important things to staying acne free for anyone has to be their body's and skin PH level. I can't stress how important this is especially if
  11. if you want to make your skin heal faster, feed it healthy thing. Fish oil, good multivitamin, apple cider vinegar etc. Whenever i get a zit, mine heal within 2 days, no redness left either. you are what you eat, and if you dont supply your skin with the necessary vitamins/minerals to heal, it could take ages for pimples to heal.
  12. salt water should really take down the swelling and a litle sun, I take plenty of supplements as well which drastically speeds up the healing phase for me whenever i get a zit, but I havent had one in since a month ago. lucky me
  13. green tea will have caffeine in it, that is the most likely cause of your breakouts.
  14. i am going to list for you the cheapest, must have supplements for acne multivitamin- the source naturals life force multiples multivitamin is probably the best valued multivitamin on the market. It was rated 4th out of 500 multivitamins on the market a couple years ago and still maintains its presence at the top of the list even today. It is cheap too (35$ for 3 months worth), with vitamins and minerals coming from highly bioavailable forms as well as benefitial extracts. Truly a staple in my
  15. im glad your acne has improved at such a substantial level, that must make you feel so much better out in public. However, taking that many antibiotics for so many years leads me to believe, that unless you were taking very good probiotic supplements during those years, you most certainly have a bad case of candida which is another big problem and can lead to further problems down the future such as some skin issues like tinea versicolor and other fungal/yeast overgrowths. As long as you stay on
  16. source for this knowledge? Since pores do not open and close, I'm dubious as to the second part of the claim. OP you need to post your current regimen before we can really help you. A pore is actually an opening for a sweat gland (It's where the sweat comes out). The sweat gland is below the skin, the pore is at the surface. Our bodies require a specific core temperature of around 98.6 degree F. This means we need to be efficient at both heating and cooling ourselves. One of the ways we coo
  17. moderate acne son. simple and easy tips to improve it: -shower with cold water (as cold as you can), warm water opens your pores and promotes acne growth. -changes pillow case every one and a while (Twice a week should be sufficent) - try to get some sun, sun is good for your skin and helps promote healing process - stay away from all commerical acne products because 99% of them are crap and do more harm than good. If you can find a natural cleanser, with no harsh ingredients and thats gentl
  18. if you go on bodybuilding.com website you will see that ALOT more people breakout from creatine, than most other workout supplements including whey protein. However, you are one of the select few that is lucky enough to not be affected. There are huge threads of people having breakouts from it.
  19. ive been bodybuilding for 5 years, and I can confidently say that my acne WAS affected by creatine, not protein shakes. Also if you take pre-workout formulas which also contain creatine, caffein, arginine and other stimulants you will most likely see some acne from that as well. Protein shakes shouldn't cause acne, however it may cause acne if you mix it with milk instead of water. I stay clear of any acne by avoiding pre-workouts and creatine formulas. However when I started cycling them in the
  20. do u live near the ocean, if you do try getting out there a couple times this summer and also get some sun. Back when i had moderate acne that always cleared me up, I think its the combination of sun and salt water that works wonders. However, I'm not sure about the acne scars, if you do get a tan, the scars may cause further hyperpigmentation.
  21. your going through puberty, sorry to say but chances are you'll have it for at least a couple more years
  22. going to put my money on tinea versicolor. It's caused by a fungus that lives on the skin, I've so far had 2 episodes of this, after you kill the fungus it could takes several weeks or months for the skin to go back to normal. Since I'm usually tanned, the easiest way i can tell if the fungus is dead is if the blotchy white patches gain color from going out in the sun. After its gone, easiest way to keep it gone is with a anti fungals, ( i just use candida cleanse formula because it normally has
  23. good read, but I can tell right off the bat it will not work for everyone. congratz OP for finding your acne solution, but I doubt such a regime with supplementation will change everyones skin. Since we all function differently, the only thing we can really do is take a multi-pronged attack towards acne and just keep trying and changing aspects of our lifestyle till we find one that is suitable for relieving acne. supplementation while i believe is essential, will only work for a select few and
  24. dont approve of this at all, I actually cleared my most troublesome area (forehead) through liver detoxes and cleases. Nothing to do with intestines. As for shoulder acne, the culprit cannot be digestion because when you improve your liver health, your ability to digest carbs,fat, protein dramatically increases also, and I still suffer from mild shoulder acne barely anything to complain about really, but its still there and I'm still trying to figure out the culprit. I've also taken digestive su
  25. cant really say i noticed a huge difference in going to sleep late and early. When my acne was at its worst i had pretty average sleeping habits, I actually have much worse sleeping habits now and my face is virtually clear...