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  1. "Umka" drops. Put them in your food, drink, or take them straight. You can find it in health food stores. One ml 3 times a day. It always shortens the duration/lessens the symptoms for me. Feel better!
  2. Forgot to mention that I decided against trying DermaBlend makeup. I just think it would be too thick for my liking, and I'm trying to wean myself off of relying so much on cosmetics.
  3. DAY 17 I am pretty much consistently free of acne these days. I really would like it to stay this way, of course, but I'm trying to reign in my excitement about it, just in case I suddenly start breaking out. I do sometimes wake up with anywhere from one to three tiny whiteheads, but it literally takes only one day and then they'll be gone. I still have a fair amount of red marks, and some permanent scars, which I will be attempting to lessen the appearance of in a matter of a few days (
  4. I voted "other", because even though all of the above things would bother me, what really bothers me the most is all the time I spend fretting and fussing over the condition of my skin and therefore, all the potentially fun, adventurous things I've missed out on because of my lack of confidence about it. I'm getting a lot better now though, since the regimen has almost totally cleared me up.
  5. Thanks oldguy, I appreciate the advice. I feel better now, knowing that I only need to stop using the BP on the day of the peel.
  6. I'm glad this question was asked; I have a similar question and tried searching the forums to find the answer but also couldn't find it. I am going to be doing a spot-peel (I suppose you could call it a "spot-test") on my face using 12.5% TCA that I got from makeupartistschoice.com, and I've never done a peel, ever before using anything. So my question is, how long before I do the peel should I stop using BP (if at all) and how long should I wait after the peel to resume using it? I'm on the
  7. DAY 14 Well, I'm two weeks into my modified regimen and it seems to be working wonderfully. (Finally, after many moments of doubt and worry!) Active blemish count: zero. Still haven't been using the St. Ives scrub. And I've been letting my face air-dry after washing. And when I rinse the soap off, I use cold water. Although yesterday there was a lot of flakiness and it was bothering me, seeing it all sitting on top of my skin so I took a soaking wet (cold) washcloth and gently swiped it o
  8. I'm now going to start doing some research on B5 (seems to have helped you a lot). I have kind of a sensitive stomach though, so hopefully it doesn't make me, you know...throw up. lol. As far as the diet stuff is concerned, I'm not sure I have enough willpower to follow all of that at this point in time, but one thing I can do (and have been doing) is cutting out a great deal of sugar from my diet. I drink a lot of coffee so it's difficult (can't stand it black, definitely always use cream)
  9. With which stuff? ProActiv, or Dan's Regimen? I had initially very good results with PA which after a couple weeks completely stopped working (gave the program 6-7 months to work). I have been on a slightly modified Dan's Regimen for 12 days and haven't had a single new pimple in the last 2 days. So, my vote goes to Dan's.
  10. You don't want to over-wash, but maybe you should use a cleanser in the morning routine as well. How often are you applying BP - every night? Try switching to a 2.5% BP and applying that once in the morning after cleansing/before moisturizing, then again in the evening (same routine). Give that a couple weeks to work, though.
  11. That's great that it worked for you. I used to use this all the time before I couldn't find it anymore...it did pretty much nothing for me and seemed to make my skin more oily. Didn't fade my redmarks at all. I used up the whole tube, and saw no results at all. Was going to try a second tube, but then it seems like they discontinued it everywhere. It was fairly gentle and I don't think it broke me out, it just didn't help my marks or acne at all, either. And at the time I was using it, my
  12. I have to second Teplo on the air-dry method. I just tried it today and noticed a huge difference in the way my skin looks and feels. No irritation whatsoever, no redness, calmer skin. And less flakiness - I think maybe the patting/rubbing with a washcloth was causing even more flakiness to happen. It will only take about ten minutes for your face to dry naturally, so give it a shot if you have an extra ten minutes.
  13. Hey Teplo - Congratulations on your success! I wanted to tell you that I tried your method of air-drying after washing my face, and immediately I noticed a difference - no redness, and skin seems a lot calmer. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your ideas.
  14. DAY 12 Possibly a landmark day - I have absolutely no active blemishes. (Knock on wood?) That is awesome. I had none yesterday, either...and I wore a little bit of makeup even yesterday. I have changed something, a bit...I haven't scrubbed my face at all in the last 2 days, and miracle of miracles, I'm not breaking out. So I've decided no more scrubbing, ever. I will only exfoliate in the most dire of circumstances, like if my blackheads are really unbearable. Other than that, I thin
  15. DAY 11 Active blemish count: zero. Yay! I'm feeling a little better now about this whole thing. I was starting to think it was all futile and I should just stop all BP and simply wash my face twice a day. Blackheads have come back to a certain extent, but they are smaller and not so many close together like I used to have. It seems like the moment I stop using a scrub, they come back. Oilyness is really bugging me now. My face looks so much less red-marked when it's freshly washed.