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  1. I took 40 mgs day for bout 5 months for mild but persistant acne. It came back 2 mo post tane. I now take 10 mgs everyday or every other day for maintence. I does the trick
  2. Mine came back about 2 months later. My skin is still 20-30% better that before. Just started taking 10-20mgs aday to get in back under control. Im looking at a longer course though. but gonna try it again.
  3. Me too. Im willing to pay the $ rather than have acne. Until I meet my deductable about 450$ I pay off out pocket. Then its virtually free. 450 is well worth clear skin any year! I go to the derm today for the 2 month follow up post tane. Milder acne is back and I have been treating it with topicals for 2 months. I want to go on a low dose for a while to try to get rid of the smaller stuff (with Ive had for a decade) im 28 now. I hope he says yes. Im a prepared to our my heat out if he says No
  4. Mild acne with few cysts. 40mgs/day for 5 months. ACne came back within 2 months. No cysts returned though. Skin looks about 30-40% better. A little less oil too.
  5. Mild acne with a few cysts. 40mgs/day for 4 and half months. the Milder stuff came back after a month or two off. No Cysts though. Topials havent helped that much. Gonna ask for a low dose next and try to rid it for good.
  6. No horrible side effects. My milder acne just came back only after 2 months off tane. 40mg/day for 41/2 months
  7. Well 2 months now finished and no more cysts but mild acne is definitly back and in new place. It not like one or two blemished either. Id say i have up to 10-15 small little bumbs on my face each day. If one dies a new one is replacing it when i wake up. Have my follow up post tane check up in a week and will demand a second course even a low dose like maintence course. Its hard to get a taste to great self esteem for 4 months to have it all taken away, With all the time and money I have put in
  8. I took it for 4 and 1/2 months. Weigh 115 40mgsday. Skin looked GREAT!!! Mild acne came back within 2 months. Going back to the derm in a few weeks
  9. Some minor break outs began about 3 or weeks after taking tane. Very small bumps and it did happen around the time of my period so im just gonna ride it out for a while. It it is persistant I will be going back to the derm for a few more months of treatment. The pimples are in places i never used to get acne, not in my problem areas. no cysts either. I know I can't expect perfection but I have been used to close to that for almost 5 months..SAD
  10. If your skin problems have caused a decrease in your quality of life and hindered your ability to enjoy it. Yes do it. After all acne will not kill you..so all of us on it are on it for vanity reasons or self esteem issues! Try other solutions firs though!
  11. It not a rash. Its eczema from the accutane. It might come and go through your course like mine did. Mine got real bad towards the end of treatment. I had it on hands and around my ankles. One week post tane its slowly going away. Lotion helps alot to control it.
  12. I took accutane for almost 5 months. 40 mgs day. I weigh about 115 lbs/f and had some cystic acne on my chin with mild acne in my t-zone. Been of the tane for about a week and all is still good. I still get a small blemish every now and then but nothing really to worry about. My lips are still chapped as well as my skin in certian areas. My lower back is still very achy and sore off and on. Over all so far this medicine has done its job! Very satisfied. hope this provides hope to all you tanne
  13. I got a few more pimples than usual about one or two new cysts it lasted about a week or two then it was over...nothing explosive like you hear on these boards.
  14. I month and ten days left! I can't beleive it. Im scared though. This medicine has been my crutch.. for almost 5 month and now its about to go away and the waiting game begins to see if it will come back. I pray all the money, pain and time will be worth it. My skin is flawless except for the occassional small small pimple which goes away fast. I can live with it. I still have some minor scaring on my chin but looks 100 times better and I havent had any cysts in like 2 and a half months. I just
  15. I also did not have to be on my period for the second preg test. That makes nooo sense. I pledge is for American women who want to start accutane. It is FDA regulated here is there is guidelines for taking it. You must get a preg test and then commit to birth control for one month before getting the second. ONLY then will you be perscribed a 30 supply. Each month you must log into the ipledge system and answer questions about birth control. If you pass and your last preg test was neg, and your d