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  1. After you wash your skin your pores open right? So wouldn't it make more sense to apply BP pretty much right after you are done washing your face? I'm not sure. Any thoughts?
  2. Well you want it to come to a head so I would suggest putting an ice cube on it for a couple minutes a few times a day. I've also heard a dab of rubbing alcohol does the trick although I wouldn't overdo it because that is not really meant for your face.
  3. I just saw a report on the news relating Accutane to depression and decreased activity in the frontal cortex of the brain. It seems as though many doctors are very wary of offering this drug now. There is a bunch of links on it buthere is just one I found.
  4. I have been on the regimen for two weeks now and I my skin looks better than it has been for awhile. However, I just started to break out again and it is making me quite mad. Dan says to expect a breakout during week 2 of the regimen. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this?
  5. Don't listen to everyone else because everyone's skin reacts differently. I've used 10% BP for many years and it's the only thing that has worked (although it can definitely be drying). 2.5% did nothing. I think if you use 10%BP and moisturize, you will be fine. I have also just started the regimen and I think I will continue to use 10%. Good luck to both of us.
  6. I want to punch Jessica everytime I see that damn infommercial with her telling the whole world that she had bad acne. She only had acne in one area of her face and she said that! (by her chin) I would love to have the amount of acne she had. It seems like not a day goes by (and I almost never watch TV except for sports) that I don't see that damn infommercial. Proactiv is garbage and it barely works for anyone. It also pisses me off that they show before and after pics of people who also d
  7. I am thinking about starting the regimen. My regimen for many years has simply been wash face with a Clean&Clear product, and then apply 10% Clearasil BP a little bit afterward. Sometimes it seems like I'm finally on the road to recovery. Othertimes (right now) my skin isn't doing so well. I am 18 and I have been using 10% BP for about 5 years. I tried 2.5% BP over the summer with my regimen, and my skin just laughed at that. Now, I have a moisturizer because my skin is pretty dry duri
  8. yeah well sometimes i regret it, other times i am very thankful i did it because some go away much faster thereafter. id say its about 50 50.
  9. Yes I do, I want to piss on you Pee Pee Pee Drip Drip Drip
  10. hahahaha holy shit i just read that...TOOTHPASTE! hey kids after u brush ur teeth with this, put it on ur face! lol that is bogus
  11. the only magic suds i know of start with "al" and end with "cohol"
  12. yeah thats exactly what i do except i dont hold it on there i just dab some on occassionaly for like 5 minutes
  13. Yeah no matter what I try BP seems to be the only thing that works for me. (10% that is) ProActiv never worked for me. Complete waste of $$. Yeah...this post was kinda worthless...oh well
  14. You may not recomment it but it works relatively well. Remember, acne is the one thing that is the most difficult thing to treat because different things work for different people. But thanks for the moisturizer info...anyone else?