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  1. Congrats on having a gorgeous name! :D

    My gf has the same name hehe

  2. lol Thanks, a bright a pink bowling ball. How manly hey? lol

  3. Thank you! You are sweet. :-)

  4. Hey!

    I'm great! and you?? =)

  5. hey karissa i was on doxy for 3 months, but it didnt help the small red bumps on my cheeks, how is ur skin looking, ??

  6. good luck, u will be fine, ur gorgeous! take care!!

  7. nice bowling ball

  8. hi!!:) how r u?

  9. Good for u, thats sweet, its true what you say, the people that matter do not mind, i hope you never stop smiling
  10. hi, im having the same problem, i never had acne all my life, and one year ago, i got very red skin on both my upper cheeks with small whiteheads underneath, and they were very noticable, i went to a derm who prescribed me a 3 month course of doxyline- Granudoxy here in France, and differin, bp gel, applied one each night and after all this it didnt help me, only some whiteheads came to the surface, but my skin is still very red. I dont know what to do, and i just want the redness to go away, i
  11. Hi, I never actually started the B5 regimen; I took a couple tablets for a little less than a week and noticed my skin would also look a litle worse/inflamed afterward. After hearing about all the B5 breakouts, I was hesitant to start megadosing... so nope. I'm trying to control my acne through diet + AHAs now.

  12. Yeah the laura mercier works wonders for me, especially for red spots. It really earns its name. You will need to buy the brush that comes with it, but trust me its worth it. I have been using it for years(even when i had a perfect face).It lasts for ages and u dont need a lot at all. I was just wondering what else there is out there, so i can switch it for a while. I always say that and i keep going back to it! With mac products i seem to break out, so i avoid using them, i just use bare minera
  13. hi,how r u? i was wondering if you have any side effects from taking the supplements to balance your hormones.thanks

  14. Hi there!

    I use a line called "Faerie Organics" mineral makeup. As a form Bare Minerals user, which has great coverage qualities, I personally feel this works equally as well. Also, because in some cases it actually improves skin (like mine :]), I don't mind keeping it on for long periods of time!

    I hope that helps!

  15. hey how are you?How's your skin going? Hope its getting better for u